Gay Travel Tips with PAM ANN – On Tour This Month in the US



Comedian Pam Ann

Aims to Make Skies Less Friendly, More Trendy with Eleven-City USA Tour!!

Following the huge success of her sold-out European and Canadian tours earlier this year, A-List hostess to the stars Pam Ann announced she will touch down for her first USA tour in five years.

The glamorous, Pucci-clad comedian will launch her American tour in Boston on October 10th, with stops in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and DC.
(dates below).

The final performance will take place October 28th in New York City at the celebrated Hammerstein Ballroom.

“I am coming to the USA to bring fabulousness back to flying,” said Pam Ann at the announcement of the tour. “Southwest is falling apart, Jet Blues landing gear never comes down, Mexicana airlines is grounded due to swine flu. Glamour has been sucked out of the industry like a Qantas 747 losing half its fuselage.”

“There was a time you could board a Boeing in your Dianne Von Furstenberg wrap dress with a full set of carving knives and a 500ml can of VO5,” she continued. “It was always glamour over safety and I believe that’s how it should be.”



1. Gays must only travel with designer luggage and a lot of it. You have a name to live up to! Also a man bag is a must!

2. Cocktail hour is every hour when traveling abroad, actually in the gay world cocktail hour is every hour anyway so no changes there.

3. A spray tan and a mankini is a must when traveling to Mykonos, Greece

4. One queen at a time in the bathroom cubicle.  You don’t want to attract unnecessary attention from the cabin crew.

5. Be sure to upgrade your iPod with Whitney’s latest album.

6. For your bags – and I’m not talking luggage, I am talking the bags under your eyes, bitches! –  try my new product PAMAROID crème.  It’s a hemorrhoid crème and yes, it’s a real eye opener!  Beyonce and Chelsea Handler swear by it.

7. Avoid Ketamin when traveling. I can’t tell you how many times I have caught queens standing, mouth open, tongue out, watching the bags at the carousel for days.   It’s shameful.

8. If you are a gay couple going on a gay Atlantis cruise, decide on land if you are going to allow 3 or 4 ways! And whether you have to be with your partner when you do so! Work out the rules before you have an all out argument at immigration.

9. Remember to pack some good hardcore porn and some musicals – you’re gay after all!

10. Always pack Mardi Gras beads.  They fit nicely in your bum.

Fasten your seat belt, stow your designer luggage and prepare for the flight of your life as Pam Ann’s hilarious one-woman comedy show flies into a city near you. No women with perms or men with Arsenio Hall fade cuts allowed.


Advance tickets for the USA Tour are available now at

BOSTON – October 10th                CHICAGO – October 11th                         DENVER – October 13th
LOS ANGELES – October 15th          SAN FRANCISCO – October 17th & 18th         DALLAS – October 20th
HOUSTON – October 21st                 MIAMI – October 23rd & 24th                   ATLANTA – October 25th
WASHINGTON DC – October 26th               NYC – October 28th

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