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Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii



doesn’t take much for most people to recognize that Hawai’i is a special
place. But did you know that Hawai’i is home to what is believed to be
the largest seasonal population of humpback whales anywhere in the


winter, from November to May, visitors, residents, and ocean users in
Hawai’i share the ocean with thousands of humpbacks that migrate
thousands of miles from their northern feeding grounds to the warm,
shallow waters of the Hawaiian Islands where they mate, calve, and nurse
their young. For this reason the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale
National Marine Sanctuary (sanctuary) was designated to protect humpback
whales and their habitat in Hawai’i.


population of humpback whales (central North Pacific stock) that uses
Hawai’i’s waters as their principle wintering ground likely lies between
10,000 and 15,000 animals, although not all of these animals are in
Hawai’i at the same time during the season. The lower number represents a
population estimate determined by a comprehensive research effort done
between 2004 and 2006. The upper number represents a conservative
approximation of growth based on annual rate of increase determined in
2006 and observation of other population indicators indicating that the
population is likely still increasing.


whale season it is commonplace to see humpback whales resting near shore
as well as performing acrobatic displays that can be seen from miles
away. On one recent peak season day, researchers observed twenty
different mother calf pairs just in Maalaea Bay (the Maui Sunseeker is
located on the coast of this Bay).  


There is
no doubt that Hawai’i offers some of the most unique whale watching in
the world and that has led whale watching to become very popular among
both visitors and residents alike. There is nothing like experiencing
the breaches and tail slapping of humpback whales whether from boat or
shore, and, although populations seem to still be increasing the whales
still need our help! They are threatened by injuries caused by
collisions with vessels and by entanglement in fishing gear and marine

This season, four whales have been
reported and confirmed entangled and at least ten whales were confirmed
to have been involved in a collision with some type of vessel.  


Monday, March 11, 2013, the sanctuary led a response effort to free an
entangled male humpback whale and the animal was successfully
disentangled in waters surrounding Maui. The entanglement involved
several wraps of small gauge line around the animal’s tail, which was
already cutting into the animal, making the entanglement life
threatening. In total, over 200 feet of line, and 2 buoys were recovered
from the entangled animal that swam off quickly once cut free. After
some investigation the animal appears to have been entangled in local
fishing gear.  


objective of the rescue program is not just to free animals but to also
gain information to reduce the future threat of entanglement.  


You can
help support this work and other work of the sanctuary by donating to
the Hawai’i National Marine Sanctuary Foundation or by supporting the
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s Kohola Campaign.


Enjoy the whales and help protect them for future generations!


Christine Brammer, Communications Coordinator


Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary was designated
by Congress in 1992 to ensure the protection of humpback whales and
their habitat in Hawai’i.  


sanctuary is managed jointly by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) and the State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and
Natural Resources. The sanctuary focuses their management efforts focus
on education, outreach, research, and resource protection.


Visit us in person at:

Humpback Whale Sanctuary 

Kihei, HI 96753




At the Maui Sunseeker we’ve taken every opportunity to make our studios,
rooms and suites especially inviting and comfortable. Our private
lanais with either garden or ocean views welcome you with true Hawaiian



What is Gay Travel?

What is GAY TRAVEL?  What is a  GAY  HOTEL?  
I attended a meeting last week in Chicago, where the OUT NYC  gay resort hotel presented to community, a proposal to open their 2nd  gay property, right in the heart of Chicago’s gay Boystown. 
I was SHOCKED by all the gay people, who said, “why do we need a gay hotel?  We talk about acceptance and equality, then turn around and want our own hotel.”

I stayed at the AXEL in Barcelona 5 years ago – and thought WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT!
There have been gay resorts forever in Key West, Palm Springs and Provincetown. Now to have a whole gay hotel in major cities, I think, is an excellent idea.  
Maybe it’s a age thing. I’m 50. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. As soon as I was 19, I headed for the big city in search of other gay people. The  Castro in San Francisco, WeHo  in  Los Angeles, Boystown in Chicago, all become thriving LGBT communities.  
While it is true, gay people have spread out into the masses now,  we are not now, nor will we ever be 100%  accepted by EVERYONE. 
A writer recently explained how he finds comfort in the gay community, even though he has many straight friends, “Boystown is my go-to, my very own Cheers, but on a larger scale. I’m
certainly not alone, but as the weather starts to warm and the bar scene
beckons ever more urgently, I keep asking myself: Is this really a good
use of my time in Chicago, a progressive city with so much to do? Do I
need to bust out of Boystown for a change? I’m not so sure.

LGBT people understand what I’m talking about. Boystown is a gay
refuge, rainbow pillars and all. It’s become the place that we, as a
community, have built for ourselves over the years at times when most of
society told us we had no place. And in regards to going out, it’s a
community where many gay folks feel the most safe when tossing back a
few beers.

Sure, society has come a long way in terms of LGBT rights, but things
aren’t really that perfect yet. We, as LGBT people, still have a lot of
things to worry about when thinking of going out for a night on the

(Please read his full article).

I have many straight friends – but I frequent gay bars more than straight bars. And when I go on vacation, I seek out the gay community in whatever city, what country I am in. It’s HOME. It’s MY  PEOPLE. You  know you are among similar people with similar stories. 
I  LOVE my straight friends – but I do not want to take a straight cruise. While it is true, more and more cities and hotels are now “gay-friendly”, rolling out the pink carpet for our dollars, for me given the choice, I try to support my community 100% whenever I can. 

Gay Travel and Deals in Palm Springs California


Maui Hawaii Gay Pride 2013

MAUI PRIDE is just one reason to visit Hawaii!

But there are MANY REASONS!


The weather here is 82 and Sunny with Tropical Breezes!


The US weather forecasts for the mainland
that predicted a prolonged cold winter through April have been accurate
so far, so we thought we’d give you incentive to come to Maui and warm
We can’t believe how low airfares still are.  
These are sample fares for MID APRIL!!
New York to Maui           $476   ROUNDTRIP 
San Francisco to Maui      $343   ROUNDTRIP
LAX to Maui                    $446   ROUNDTRIP 
Bellingham, WA to Maui   $338   ROUNDTRIP

Get Away to Gay Palm Springs for $99 A Night

Pamper, pleasure, gratify yourself  @ INNdulge Palm Springs

Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort Featured in Travel Channel’s HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE

Second season of ‘Hotel Impossible’ features a Maui, Hawaii resort that caters to the LGBT clientele.

 Hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri, star of Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible,” comes to the rescue of the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort. The episode featuring the transformation of the resort, its first resort property in the beautiful state of Hawaii, premieres on December 17 at 10:00 p.m. ETPT on Travel Channel. 
 An adults-only property, the Maui Sunseeker welcomes all, but caters to the LGBT clientele. With such a narrow client focus, Melchiorri works with Chuck Spence, Owner of the Maui Sunseeker, on the marketing strategy and allocation of resources to improve the property. 
The hotel presented a unique problem as it receives rave reviews from its clientele but struggles with its occupancy and related cash flow, hence the marketing strategy focus. Designer Blanche Garcia joins Melchiorri to upgrade the rooftop deck.
“It was eye opening for all involved in this show” laughs Spence, “for us from a business perspective and for the cast when they discovered the clothing optional hot tub”.  
Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort is located right on the sunny shore in Kihei on the island of Maui, the boutique resort currently has 26 well-appointed guest rooms and suites. Chuck Spence has owned the resort since 2008. Michael Waddell is the General Manager and featured in the above mentioned episode of Hotel Impossible.

Gay Travel to Australia for the Holiday Season

Thinking about what to do this holiday season?

The  biggest event  down under will be the 2012 solar eclipse, Turtle Cove has the
best vantage point in Australia with the path of the eclipse passing
right over our resort.
from 5.45am to 7.40am on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

 ( Bloody early in the morning he…he..)

is rare for a total eclipse to be visible from land, so the excitement
is building for those who want to share in this once in a lifetime
extraordinary phenomenon.


FM 102.7 / 4CA will be doing a live broadcast from our lawns on the
beach where the eclipse passes right above us causing a total
blackout.They will also broadcast live through all their channels in QLD
and other stations throughout Australia.

 As this is such a unique once in a lifetime phenomenon
it would be unfair to cut out the rest of the world and keep this very
special day just for us.So for this one event only,Turtle Cove will have
all mixes of people of all beliefs and persuasions,if you get my drift.


BOOK NOW  not many spaces left.

Xmas Day Dec 25th 2012


is the day that most people from down south and overseas want to get
away from your traditional Xmas day stuff.Rightly so just the thought of
sitting down for lunch all dressed up and stuffing yourself with food
in 30+ temperatures and 90+ humidity makes you feel faint.


doesen’t happen @ Turtle Cove,after all we are different and thus we do
our famous “Grazing Menu”Our amazing chef will deliver delicious
tasting platters every 45mins from 8am right through to to 4pm or so.

Every time a new platter arrives i will ring the xmas bell to let everyone know.


one should get dressed up and look pretty for the food,no,no,no…
everybody can stay in their swimmers,laze around the pool and
jacuzzi,take a plate and go for it.

year was a blast and both our house and day guests loved every minute
of it. So bookings are essential,as it is already filling up.



And of course,

New Years Eve Dec 31st 2012


Featuring a New Year’s Eve Dinner and Show

  “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER”   with Vicki Vegas

Celebrates Vicki’s 25 years in the Biz with all the BEST known numbers/impersonations & stories ONE NIGHT ONLY!   End
2012 in style with all the glitz & glamour,Sydney’s famous VICKI
VEGAS returns to Turtle Cove and transforms herself. This will be a
sensational 3 part floor show that will be like no other!!

The night kicks off with a scrumptious dinner big tropical seafood buffet.

This night is one not to be missed – FNQ’s biggest and best GAY NYE PARTY! 


DJ Trent Evans will be performing all of your favorite gay anthems non stop until the early hours of the morning @ 12.00 the big bang and bonfire on the beach

Dinner & show available to outside guests – bookings essential!

Accommodation is selling fast – 2 night minimum over this period  



Turtle Cove is an Adults Only, Gay, Holiday Resort. Join us in Tropical Far North Queensland   and experience the most fantastic piece of unspoilt Paradise in Australia.

Be assured Turtle Cove Beach Resort is not your ordinary Gay Hotel!
Come and explore our totally private, Absolute Beachfront,
slice of Gay Heaven and have the vacation of your lifetime!


Gay Travel to Maui – Airfare Prices Drop



You Can Now Fly Roundtrip from the West Coast for  $500 bucks OR LESS!!!!   

As you may know, earlier this year, the major airlines were charging outrageous fares to Hawaii.   


We could not believe
roundtrip airfare from LAX to OGG (Kahului, Maui) for mid-week flights
in July, 2012 ranged from $950 up to an outrageous $1,400 roundtrip in
economy class.  


Then we got the great news,
the three major airlines (United, American and Delta) all cut their
fares from the West coast cities down substantially down to about

Well now Hawaiian and Alaska Air have undercut the major airlines, forcing them to cut again. 


We just went online and here are some sample fares for these cities for travel in the fall (8/21 to 11/14):



LAX to OGG  $462 Roundtrip

SJC to OGG   $499 Roundtrip

OAK to OGG  $519 Roundtrip

SFO to OGG   $439 Roundtrip

SAN to OGG   $509 Roundtrip

SEA to OGG   $478 Roundtrip 

PDX to OGG  $475 Roundtrip

Be sure to book your room at the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort at our already low rates for the fall!! 


$99 Palm Springs Cool Summer Deal

Sure, it can get a little HOT  in the desert in the summertime. But so what? That’s why God made pools, right?!

Our fitness friend DAVEY WAVEY told, “Interestingly, the high temperatures bring in a different crowd. Instead of attracting the usual crowd from San Diego and Los Angeles,
many of the tourists were from Eastern Europe. For the international
visitors, discounted hotel rooms and hot weather are a huge draw—and
much of Europe closes down later in the summer. It’s why the Palm
Springs locals affectionately refer to the summer months as “Foreskin

This trip, I stayed at INNdulge—a clothing-optional resort for gay men.
Though there is no shortage of clothing-optional or gay hotels in Palm
Springs, INNdulge is different. The owners of INNdulge, Sandy and Jon,
go out of their way to build a real sense of community. Each evening,
for example, the owners hold a social hour to let the guests mix and
mingle. It’s a great way to connect with other visitors and to make new

BY THE WAY, INNdulge has a $99 Summer Special till September 15th, 2012.

Davey continues, ”
Having said all of that, here are my best tips for visiting Palm Springs—and staying cool—during the summer months:

1. Bring a car. If you don’t drive to Palm Springs, be
sure to pick up a rental car at the airport. While walking is fine
during the cooler winter months, the summer heat is oppressive—and
dangerous. Get a car and take advantage of the air conditioning.

2. Prioritize the pool. Needless to say, the pool is
more important than the room. Stay at a hotel or resort with an amazing
pool. With temperatures as high as 120 degrees, you’ll want to spend
much of your downtime in the water.

3. Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Every half
hour, a cable car departs for a mountain peak 6,000 feet above Palm
Springs. The views are stunning—and, it’s usually 30 degrees cooler at
the top. It’s generally 70 – 90 degrees at the summit—thereby providing
some much-needed natural A/C.

4. Shop at the Thursday street fair. Each Thursday—and
after the hot sun goes down—the city comes alive for a weekly street
fair. Packed with local arts and crafts, food and jewelry, it’s a great
way to spend the cooler evening hours.

5. Drink lots and lots of water. Because it’s so hot
and dry, sweat tends to evaporate very quickly—and you might not realize
how dehydrated you really are. Make sure you drink plenty of water—and
take extra bottle with you while you venture out (especially during the


Maui Hawaii Celebrate Gay Marriage this Week

Paradise is a strong word, and I don’t use it lightly. But Maui, Hawaii
is truly a paradise in every way.

It has glorious warm weather all
year, with just enough of a breeze from the trade winds to keep you
feeling refreshed. The tropical greenery and colourful flowers are
spectacular, and there’s nothing better than the relaxing sound of the
surf crashing on the beach as you drift off to sleep every night.
Wouldn’t you want to get married in Paradise?!

A gay Oklahoma City couple is happy to be on Maui and among the
first couples to be joined in a civil union after a state law allowing
such unions went into effect last  Sunday.

“We are proud to be part of
it,” said 40-year-old Rich Tucker, a mortgage company owner, shortly
before his Monday sunset ceremony with partner 37-year-old David Dobson,
a Realtor.

“We wanted to have the ceremony somewhere tropical. It’s awesome to have accepting people that accept everyone. No one
is segregated,” Tucker said about Hawaii and the civil unions law.

Dobson added: “In Oklahoma, it’s still very much the Bible Belt.”

Industry insiders have said they expect that the law legalizing civil unions, which took effect Jan. 1, will lead to a boost in tourism among same-sex visitors. Hotel executives said they’re actively reaching out to the gay and lesbian community with promotions and packages aimed at couples who are eager to make their commitment official.

“We’ve had 10 ceremonies booked so far,” said Chuck Spence, owner of the Maui Sunseeker LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) Resort in Kihei. “Already we’ve also seen an immediate boost in bookings, and not just because of civil unions, but because the law also opens up the perception by the gay and lesbian community that Hawaii is truly a welcoming state. We are aloha.”

Hawaii’s hard-fought civil unions law was bitterly opposed by conservative and Christian groups, who said the measure posed a threat to heterosexual marriage and traditional families.

Deacon Walter Yoshimitzu of the Honolulu Roman Catholic Diocese said marriage should be only between a man and a woman.

“Even with civil unions, we believe it is same-sex marriage by another name,” he said.

State Sen. Roz Baker, who represents West and South Maui and was a supporter of the civil unions bill, said she hoped the law would attract couples to Hawaii.

“Let’s face it, too, nowhere is the weather nicer, or are there as many beautiful places to visit year round, than in Hawaii,” she said, adding that “the wedding business has always been good to Maui.” Year round the weather is gorgeous!

But she and West Maui Rep. Angus McKelvey noted that the new civil unions license will be recognized only in Hawaii, so they anticipated it to attract a wave but not a tsunami of same-sex visitors.

“It’s not going to be a billion-dollar law,” McKelvey said.

More significant than its ability to attract visitors, he said, the law was important for gays and lesbians living in Hawaii, because it would give them the same rights as heterosexual couples.

“We still have a long way to go,” said spokesman Don Bentz for Equality Hawaii of Honolulu, a gay rights advocacy group. “If a couple, let’s say, comes from Florida (which doesn’t have gay marriage or civil unions), they have rights here but lose them after the plane ride.”

Frank  and Kevin, who own a wedding service on Maui, have been performing ceremonies for heterosexual and gay couples, recognized or not, for many years. They’ve said they expect their numbers to go from nearly 40 ceremonies a year to more than 100.

Maui SunSeeker  is  going to provide group room discounts and gifts like champagne. Rich and David were the first guests to tie the knot!

He noted that they’re bringing friends – as others certainly will – and that the tourists will spend money at other Maui businesses.

“In regard to tourism, absolutely this will have a great impact. No question,” said Spence, whose hotel currently has 25 rooms and now plans to add more.

Applications and information about civil unions are available online at


Gay Travel to Playa Del Carmen Mexico


Just 60 kilometers from Cancun, a similar distance from the archaeological Maya site of Tulum, is Playa del Carmen, an old fishermen’s suitege known as Xaman H’a in the Maya language.

Playa, as it is called by its inhabitants and visitors, has now become the second most popular destination on the on the Riviera Maya. Look at that water!! 


Playa del Carmen provides everything one could wish for in a Caribbean location with all the amenities that international travelers require, as well as smaller personalized establishments, numerous bars and discotheques, shopping centers, restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine, cultural centers, water sports and golf.

  It is a fascinating town that attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to see for themselves what it’s all about: to immerse themselves in its atmosphere, feeling the soft white sand underfoot, enjoying the bohemian nightlife on sandy shores and listening to waves break on the beach of Playa del Carmen as they sip a tropical drink. Young people all over the world identify it as the place to go to get to know other cultures and ways of life.


Playa del Carmen lures painters, musicians, dancers and poets looking for ways to leap the boundaries of the every day and enter a fantastic universe, where ideas flow like rivers and creativity springs inspired by nature. The streets of Playa del Carmen are the favorite stage for anyone with a mission: folk dancers, concheros in pre-Hispanic costumes executing their mystic ritual dance, street performances, strolling minstrels who narrate local legends and artisans working at their craft to the fascination of passers-by.

 All along its busy promenades lined with handcrafted stores a mere sampling of Mexican and International creativity and on the city’s famous Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue, meeting place of extravagant characters, visitors can taste the delicious local dishes at any of numerous sidewalks cafes, where a marimba, trio from Veracruz or heavy rock band entice diners inside. Playa del Carmen, once a sleepy fishing suitege, ensconced in the very heart of the Riviera Maya, Mexico is now one the fastest growing communities in the world. Playa del Carmen has a first-class hotel infrastructure and all the services of a cosmopolitan tourism destination.


On the horizon, the hazy outline of the legendary island of Cozumel beckons. Regularly scheduled ferries take visitors from Playa del Carmen to the Mexico’s largest island and world renowned diving site, where turquoise blue waters entice divers to discover the coral wonders hidden beneath the surface.

Playa del Carmen has been transformed in recent years in the most popular destination for the gay community. This   Mexican paradise offers the gay community all the services necessary for their stay, from hotels, restaurants, private beaches, bars and discos.  Mexico is considered a destination gayfriendly, and Playa del Carmen is adding gay clubs and restaurants, all the time.

TO STAY – we recommend  Acanto Boutique Hotel, known as one of the best boutique hotels in Playa del Carmen. Set behind Hacienda style gates and built around a lush tropical courtyard with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sun decks and chaise lounges for sunbathing, we offer a cozy Romantic yet family friendly atmosphere where their  experienced staff will cater to your every need.

All of the guestrooms are very deluxe!  And include Full kitchens, Granite counter tops, air conditioning, ceiling fans, Plazma TVs and phones, balconies or terraces and private bathrooms. There is  free wireless Internet access in the lobby area, free on-site parking beach club access and discounted Gym and spa rates.


Just one block from the beach which is adorned with miles of powdery white sand and clear blue waters and just 1/2 block from Playa’s popular 5th Avenue which offers an array of shopping and dining experiences!

Playa del Carmen, magic, eclectic and yet steeped in tradition is the doorway to those who want to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of the Mayan World, explore the region, mingle with its people and discover the parks of the Riviera Maya.

Today, the new alternative to traditional tourism is eco-adventure travel that offers everything from walks through exuberant jungles to millenary cenotes (sinkholes) and Mayan suiteges, cave diving in the underground river system to solitary lagoons, refuge of monkeys and other marvelous wildlife.

Try it!  You will love it!

Playa Del Carmen Acanto Boutique Hotel


Gay Maui Hawaii SunSeeker Getting Bigger and Better


You may remember, when we reported that  the staff and owners of  Maui Sunseeker  were ecstatic because they had bought the property behind the three buildings we all know and love as the current Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort, pictured here.

That ‘new’ property is known as ‘Serenity’, located at 20 Wailana Place. At one time, Serenity was a ‘wellness center’ and rumor has it that even Whitney Houston stayed there at one time. (OK, so you say she’s been in and out of so many places, that any dive can make that claim…..point taken).

But hang in, the story continues.

We talked of great dreams of spas and even an outdoor jacuzzi.
We also asked for  opinions in the last newsletter. Some said… ‘We want a 24 hour jacuzzi!’ Others said ‘We want a pool!’ And yet others said, ‘Build us a SPA!’
‘  says a spokeperson for Maui Sunseeker.

We can now say that the property behind Serenity (which is behind Sunseeker) known as Sugar Beach, a property located at 26 Wailana Place, is in escrow to be bought by Maui Sunseeker!  We are just as thrilled!!”

Imagine a contiguous 1 acre gated compound of adults-only property right on the North Kihei shore that is fully dedicated to the LGBT Community!

 “If all goes according to plan, we will close escrow in THIS MONTH  and hope to have the ‘Sugar Beach’ property online in May with 4 poolside full suites, upstairs is a 2,000 sqaure foot Penthouse unit with an adjacent junior suite. The addition of these two properties will literally double the amount of land that currently comprises the Sunseeker resort.

Most exciting….in addition to giving the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort much more land, we will now have, most importantly, a pool!! Many guests just want a place to relax on property without all the Little Beach brouhaha, now they will have it.”

When all is complete, we will increase from a 17 room resort to a 31 room resort with breakfast service, a pool, an in-ground outdoor jacuzzi and a total of 6 buildings on one acre of land with much more planned.

We would like to hear what your thoughts are for what’s important in our design and policies as we go forward. Please take a moment to complete our development survey.   We want to know what you think of our clothing optional policy and what amenities YOU want to have. Your opinions matter to us, so please share them now as we go through our design.”

It’s going to be an AWESOME 2011 at    MAUI SUNSEEKER


Gay Palm Springs in the Spring


 All the cool things going on….

Palm Canyon Theater:
Elton Johns AIDA
HURRY!  thru  3/13/2011

Alexander Weekend 10th Anniversary
3/25/2011 – 3/27/2011

Palm Springs WestFest & Rodeo
3/24/2011 – 3/27/2011

White Party
4/8/2011 – 4/11/2011

Coachella Valley Music Festival
4/15/2011 – 4/17/2011

Meet the Museum party for the LGBT Community

Spring and Autumn are actually the best seasons to be in  Palm Springs.

Located 120 miles east Los Angeles. The Colonial Spanish heritage, the powerful influence of Hollywood stars and Los Angeles wealthy people in the architecture and lifestyle of this town, and the omnipresence of the desert around, turn Palm Spring an exotic oasis and a top travel reference in south California.

But do you know WHERE   you are going to stay??

The choice is simple, if you’re a man….INNdulge.

INNdulge corners the market on comfortable and casual. One section of the structure has the requisite pool and hot tub, and features rooms that are spacious and pampered without being stuffy, with nicely preserved ’50’s style kitchenettes (PS loves its retro history! But new updates are always being done –  recently  new headboards, desks, tables, dresser’s, flat screen TV’s, and original artwork were added to rooms.)

There is a poolside social hour  and INNdulge probably boasts the most spectacular mountain-range view. Practically every Palm Springs Locale is outfitted with misters to combat the desert heat, but INNdulge has the only pool chiller which, when the heat soars to skin-melting temperatures, is quite a draw.

The  owners have transformed this historic inn into the award winning resort it is today.

And check this out, last week they  installed the desert’s first ever 24 hour security guard.  His name is Pablo.


Isn’t that great?!

But seriously, this is the place to stay in Palm Springs. INNdulge Palm Springs is a wonderful example of Palm Springs 50’s architecture….and hospitality. The resort is centered around a kidney-shaped pool. The beautifully landscaped grounds frame the surrounding hotel rooms. The only thing better than the architecture and grounds of the property are the resort’s employees and its owners, who maintain a friendly atmosphere resulting in a loyal repeat crowd.

When in Palm Springs….INNdulge!
601 Grenfall Road      Palm Springs CA 92264
ph. 800.833.5675       760.327.1408


Boutique and Luxury Gay Hotels for the LGBT Traveler

Since the late 70’s
small B&Bs and Inns
and a handful of resorts
 from Key West to Palm Springs
have labeled  themselves
as “gay hotels” and/or
“gay resorts.”

In the 90’s we saw  many big name hotels courting the gay travel dollar labeling themselves “gay-friendly” and providing gay perks to gay travelers. From W to Wynn, Marriott to Kimpton, major hotel chains have been targeting lesbian and gay travelers for some time now.

Some estimate that the LGBT travel market is worth an annual $63 billion in the U.S. alone. “There have always been gay inns and B&Bs,” says Lords founder Brian Gorman. “This is the time to take this concept to a far larger scale.”

When the Lords South Beach Hotel opened last month in Miami, its brightly hued decor, trio of plunge pools and Absolut Vodka–partnered bar looked much like any other higher-end Miami resort. But the 50+ room Art Deco confection, which is located a block from South Beach’s main gay beach, is billing itself as the country’s first large-scale, design-driven gay hotel. Not just gay-friendly, but gay through and through. The hotel worked with Out magazine to develop a Concierge App listing top local LGBT hot spots, asked Levi’s to custom-design its gray and white jean uniforms, and is preparing to launch its own social network.


Although the Lords may be the first, it’s not the only LGBT-focused hotel brand opening its doors in the U.S. In January, Fort Lauderdale’s Royal Palms will reopen after expanding from a 12-room gay-friendly guesthouse to a 62-room boutique hotel that caters to an all-male clientele who prefer a clothing-optional environment. With a spa, café, bar and gym, Florida’s Royal Palms Resort and Spa is marketing itself as North America’s biggest “full-service” gay retreat, but it won’t retain that title for long.

Later in 2011, Manhattan will  finally usher in the Out NYC, a massive, 90,000-sq.-ft. (8,400 sq m) “urban resort” close to Times Square.  This has been in the news for over a year now and quite an exciting project.

The industry trailblazer is Axel Hotels, a Spanish hospitality group with stylish, midrange LGBT-focused properties in Barcelona, Berlin and Buenos Aires. The chain is cheekily billed as “hetero-friendly,” says Axel president Juan Julia, who notes that in the off-season, upward of 30% of the guests at its properties are straight. The five-year-old company is considering additional sites in London and Paris, but first it must tackle New York City — where an estimated 7 million LGBT tourists pump $16.4 billion into the city each year. Axel will manage the 127-room hotel for the Out NYC, whose other components include an 11,000-sq.-ft. (1,000 sq m) disco, upscale restaurant and men’s spa.

Calling itself a luxury lifestyle resort collection, G Worldwide intends to launch properties in New York, Florida, California, and Las Vegas, according to its website. The hotels are described as being “uber high-tech facilities” operated by “some of the most innovative, creative people in design, food & beverage, nightlife, events, and hospitality.

Is there enough money and travelers to go around?
It appears so. Look at all the gay cruises. While many LGBT travelers do not wish to  “ghettoize” themselves by staying in gay-only establishments,  gay cruises have proved that  there is a certain kind of gay consumer who wants to travel among a like-minded crowd. I for one, would much rather stay in an all gay hotel, than a mixed hotel where straights may roll their eyes at me as I walk by in my pink kaftan!

“These places provide a concentrated feeling of community,” said Thomas Roth, president of Community Marketing, a company in San Francisco that specializes in gay and lesbian market research. “Especially for the many people who don’t otherwise have the opportunity to be the majority.”

At a time when acceptance of gay people seems to be increasing, such resorts might seem superfluous. But Mr. Roth said his company’s research indicated a strong interest in them.

“We can’t assume there is a ‘gay customer’ anymore,” he said. There is a lot of diversity among people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, he said, and “some want all gay all the time — especially if they’re from, say, Omaha. So something like the Out NYC could be extremely successful.”



Gay Travel – Luxury Style to Turks and Caicos! Where the Boys Are…Ooh la la!

Turks & Caicos is one of the best-kept secrets in today’s luxury vacation market! 

This stunning haven of over 40 islands boasts some of the most exquisite beaches in the world.There are miles of coral reef close to shore, making it the ideal vacation paradise for the modern eco-tourist. Professional and amateur divers alike will explore the most beautiful reef structures and exotic marine life in the world! 

In between dives you may also wish to enjoy the 18-hole golf course at the Provo Golf Club, rated among the top ten courses in the Caribbean.   





If golfing isn’t your forte, there are still countless activities to enjoy at your leisure. Turks & Caicos is also known for its cave exploring, humpback whale migration, fishing, sailing, ocean kayaking, parasailing, kite boarding, and horseback riding.

You can even try your luck at the American casinos! 

The island welcomes all people, including the LGBT traveler.  Looking to travel to the Turks & Caicos?

 StraightOut Adventures Inc. is the premiere vacation provider for gay men who pursue the world of unique adventure and pampered luxury. May 8 -15, 2010 the company offers a weeklong vacation to the Turks & Caicos. The trip combines the hot trend of villa vacations with a top Caribbean destination, taking gay travel to the next level in service and luxury.


Their team is dedicated to your personalized holiday experience. You’ll be taken care of for the duration of your vacation. With a full staff to attend to your every need, there is nothing that they haven’t already thought of! The luxury begins with personally escorting you from the airport to your gorgeous hilltop villa. Unwind and take in the 360-degree panoramic view of turquoise seas and tropical gardens. Sit back and relax.

Your private chef, classically trained in French Cuisine prepares all your favorite foods, and tempts your palate with fine Caribbean cuisine found only on the islands. Enjoy full-service, open bar with unlimited premium spirits and wines.

Sapodilla Bay Beach is the most beautiful and peaceful beach on the island.
And guess what! It’s only a two-minute walk from your villa.  


Your week will be chock full of activities and entertainment – including a catamaran eco boat tour, where you will sail historic landmarks and snorkel the barrier reef. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a gourmet cooking class with wine tasting, as well as a welcome party with authentic island entertainment. 

In addition, StraightOut Adventures has announced they will be teaming up with Ben and Dave’s Six Pack ,the premiere online talk show. The show stars Ben Harvey, a New York City radio DJ and Dave Rubin, 12 year stand-up comedy veteran. The Six Pack is a new-school blend of what it means to be gay today and fears no topic from politics to sex and everything in between.

The duo is all about having fun, getting to know everyone and exploring great vacation destinations, starting with the gorgeous Turks and Caicos, May 8-15.


Ben and Dave will be blogging about their trips, doing shows on-location, featuring interviews with celebrities who live and vacation on the islands! 

So whether you vacation with a loved one or simply want to have an adventure with a friend, this vacation package is for you!Relax, be entertained, and discover the best that life has to offer.

Have we piqued your interest?

Head on over to
StraightOut Adventures today to
find out more about the trip May 8-15, 2010.

Take your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary!

Straight Out Adventures is the premier vacation provider for gay men who pursue the world of unique adventure and pampered luxury.Service is our top priority! The Straight Out Adventures team is dedicated to your personalized holiday experience. Relax, be entertained, and discover the best that life has to offer.

New Gay Travel Guide


Gay Travel Survey – Gay Travelers Prefer to Stay in Gay Owned and Operated Hotels

When  my partner and I travel, we always look for gay accomodations to stay at.  Not just because I want to support my community, but who wants to stay with a bunch of families? I suppose if you have gaybies, staying at a gay hotel is not important.

We do have some gay friends that would rather choose a  4 or 5 star straight hotel, over gay accomodations.

Pink Choice , one of the largest and most trusted websites for gay and lesbian hotel reviews, today announced results from its first annual Gay and Lesbian Travel Survey. The results shed some light on the health and direction of gay travel in 2009 and going into 2010. Over 500 individuals completed the survey.

The Economy is Impacting Gay Travel

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that the current economy had affected their travel plans and that they would be spending less on travel than in previous years. However, 63% said that they had not needed to shorten their vacations and 54% had already booked their trips for 2010. “The gay travel market has been impacted by the bad economy but people are still traveling. They may be looking to spend a bit less but as the results show, many are already booking for 2010,” said Stephen Mascilo, a co-founder of Pink Choice.

Gay Travelers Prefer Staying in Gay Owned Establishments

Seventy-one percent of respondents preferred to stay in an accommodation that was gay/lesbian owned and operated. That’s not surprising but over 50% indicated they weren’t bothered one way or the other. “We were surprised that over 50% of the respondents said they would be comfortable staying in a non gay owned establishment. It might reflect society’s changing attitudes towards gay and lesbian travelers,” said Stephen. Future surveys will examine this question further.

Price is the Main Factor for Choosing Travel Arrangements

When it comes to travel arrangements, less than 15% of members said they choose an airline specifically because of its GLBT policy. Based on this data, airlines that have spent time and money promoting gay friendly flights may not see much return. Over 50% said ticket price was a major deciding factor and 35% based their decision on flight schedules.


Western History and Hollywood Glam Meet in Gay Tucson at Hacienda del Sol


How could you not love 350 days
          of sunshine every year?!

TUCSON is the second largest city in Arizona with  a growing metropolis of 1 million that keeps getting better and better. The city’s geography is a postcard image of cactus forests, rolling hills and awe-inspiring mountains.

Tucson is known as a laid back, casual place that is very gay friendly. While there are plenty of lively and trendy places to go, people tend to come here for a relaxing and grounding experience. 

Colorful history and culture abound! Native American, Spanish Colonial, Mexican and pioneer influences are found in architecture, cuisine, festivals and attractions.

1n 1929, Hacienda del Sol  was little known by the Tucson community. It was at first a private residence, that then became a girls’ college prep school – attended by members of Pillsbury, Vanderbilt, Maxwell, Westinghouse and Campbell families.

In the late 1940’s, the property became a guest ranch – and they quickly attracted the big names of Hollywood, who were looking to get away from it all.  Clark Gable, John Wayne,  Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn were among some of the famous guests who stayed here.

Situated on 34 stunning acres, Hacienda del Sol has gorgeous gardens and grounds, historic buildings, hiking on the property, horseback riding on site, pool, hot tub, spa services, and a selection 30 unique rooms – no two are alike! And all of them feature custom built furniture and original artwork.

OUTDOOR is a keyword here. People are drawn by the spectacular beauty of the Sonoran Desert, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, jeep tours and hot air ballooning. Designer golf courses, and world-class birding are options to experience the beauty of Arizona.


Besides the outdoors though, there is an eclectic mix of shopping and renowned attractions. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (part zoo and part botanical gardens), Old Tucson Studios (Old West theme park), Pima Air and Space Museum, and Kartchner Caverns  – a stunning “live” limestone cave discovered in the 1970’s. 

The Lost Barrio is a restored warehouse district filled with importers of really interesting furniture, architectural elements and cool home accessories from around the world. Costume designers from Los Angeles frequent the Fourth Avenue funky shopping district near University of Arizona, known for high-quality vintage clothes.

Of course, all of the big name retailers can be found at the upscale La Encantada along with trendy restaurants. Dining options from family-run cantinas that have been in business for half a century (El Charro downtown) to innovative and award-winning restaurants and chefs.

THE GRILL at the Hacienda del Sol was opened  about 12 years ago and has been recognized as one of the finest restaurants in all of Arizona. No detail was spared in design, and it was built around the original dining room and kitchen.

The creative menus include fresh items right from the Hacienda gardens. The restaurant has been featured in  national magazines and won awards such as “Best of” Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator. It also been named  Best Grill, Best Special Occasion Place, Most Romantic Dining, Best Sunday Brunch! – And if you are a wine connoisseur, The Grill has one of the most extensive wine lists in the country!

Hacienda del Sol offers an authentic hospitality to GLBT guests that is so refreshing! And they are perfect hosts, with activities and amenities to keep you as busy – or as relaxed! – as you wish.

Voted  one of the best Romantic Inns

Voted one of the best Inns in the US

Zagat has awarded them “Excellence in every category!”

Lush landscapes, crystal-clear water and breathtaking mountain peaks. From small communities to one of the fastest growing cities in North America, Arizona offers travelers amazing sights, adventure, and you will find many open arms and hearts to the GLBT community.


Book a stay at Hacienda del Sol by APRIL 1st – for anytime in 2009 – and choose a free bottle of wine from Hacienda’s Excellent 50 under $50 wine list.  PLUS, enjoy early check in and late check out.

Enter code “progay” when you book online at Hacienda
or when you call 1-800-728-6514  mantion   “hacienda welcome”.