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Modern Greece has not followed the reputation of Ancient Greece for liberalism on matters of homosexuality. Whilst there have been some progress for example in 1987 the age of consent was equalised at 15 Greece retains much discriminatory law on homosexuality and is probably the least progressive country in the European Union. There is nonetheless a reasonable gay scene in the country focused in Athens as well as the islands of Mykanos and Lesbos which contine to draw gay and lesbian holiday makers seeking sun, sex and sand.

Whether its Athens or Mykonos you’re headed to, these 2 links contain all the info a gay traveler needs. 
Both are very popular. Here’s one big tip! EVERYTHING on Mykonos  island is either gay or gay friendly. Heavy cruising on the beaches (especially “Super Paradise”) and around “Panagia Paraportiani” church in the town, at night. Lots of bars and clubs, mostly gay. Mykonos town is so small that even if you hit a bar by chance, you can’t miss. Just follow the studs in GAY GREECE!

 For those in search of a sexually muffled pilgrimage, try a boat ferry to the monastic peninsula of all-male Mount Athos. Between these two different worlds is a Greek culture slowly changing to accommodate new concepts of Human Rights with Orthodox traditions.

Athens must be the first port of call, if for no other reason than the Acropolis. You can read about it all your life, but when the Parthenon appears high on the Acropolis hill, both history and myth erupt into a sun-bright present tense of stunning marble architecture. The grace and massive grandeur of the temple is distinctly awe-inspiring and so deeply swathed in history and legend that it’s difficult not to be sentiently stirred at first encounter. The nobility of the edifice beautifully dominates the hill, the city, the country and indeed western civilization.

Santorini is simply unique. Created thousands of years ago by a volcano, the spectacular rim of the caldera will provide endless hours of contemplation and romance as you gaze at the view while either relaxing on your hotel veranda or strolling down alleyways between the brilliant white houses of the villages that teeter on the edge of the cliff. –  While the  island of Santorini may not offer the exciting night life or gay life of some of its neighboring islands, Santorini provides great beauty and romantic escape for anyone in search of sun, sand and relaxation.

These lots to do all over Greece – Instead of listing everything  here I included many links, that I found very useful. If you go, take some photos for me!