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Flying with your Emotional Support Animal


How to Fly with an Emotional Support Animal in the
Cabin of an Airplane
Do your nerves bundle up the minute you step into an airport, more so into an airplane? You’re not alone! Millions of people feel the same way you do, and some address their anxiety by bringing along an ESA, otherwise known as an emotional support animal. Your pup may just be the answer to your problems. Here’s what you can do before taking your ESA with you on your next trip. If you’re looking for certification of service dogs, you can find more information at Service Dog Certifications.


Prepare  Proper Documents
It is vital that your pet has the necessary
registration, emotional support animal
doctor letters, and identification to prove that it is a certified
emotional support animal, most especially to present to authorities who might
question you. Not all disabilities/mental illnesses merit having an ESA, so
your particular disability should appear on the Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-IV implying that your pet’s immediate
presence is necessary due to health matters. You may learn more about how and
whether or not you may acquire certification for an emotional support animal by
speaking to a psychiatrist. The moment you have all the right documents
supporting your ESA, you’re set to go!


Your ESA on Your Next Flight
The first thing you should do before taking
your ESA on a flight is to inform the airline you’re flying that you’ll be
bringing your emotional support animal at least 48 hours before departure. They
might need you to fax or email letters written by a licensed mental health
professional. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s papers to prove its shots, as
well as a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, just in case. 
To avoid being late for your flight, as you
may be questioned about your ESA, you might want to check-in online or leave
for the airport extra early. Ideally, you should be checked in at least 90
minutes before your flight. Have the proper equipment that will aid you in
holding and/or controlling your pet, such as a leash, harness, cage, or others.
Check to see that it’s comfortable enough for your pet to stay in/wear for the
duration of the flight as well!


While    in the Plane
Is your pet well-trained? A dog that yips
on the plane may be bothersome to other passengers, so a quiet, behaved pooch
who understands commands is usually mostly appreciated. As for dealing with
calls of nature, see to it that your pet urinates and defecates in a suitable
place before boarding the plane. You may want to fit a diaper on your pup to
lessen the chances of it making a mess while in-flight. Avoid giving your pet
food or water during the flight, but keep a bit with you in your carry-on to
give to your pet when you land. Remember to keep your animal with you at all
times, and position it (or its cage) in an area that doesn’t block emergency
exits. You may not be allowed to sit in certain rows of the airplane, but it’s
only to make sure of the accessibility, safety, and comfort of you and your


Still   Nervous?
In case you’re still nervous about or
during the flight, you may want to speak to a doctor/psychiatrist beforehand,
so you can get prescribed medication to alleviate your anxiety. Depending on
which airline you’re flying, it also helps to call the airline beforehand and
inform them that you’re an “anxious flyer”, as the airline’s flight attendants
become more aware about your situation and may check up on you every now and
Once you’re on the flight, take 10 deep breaths; each inhaling for the
count of 5 heartbeats, keeping it in for 7, and exhaling for 9 to relax
yourself. Once you’ve done that, try distracting yourself with your favorite
music, book, or video game. Before you know it, the flight will be over, you’ll
have reached your destination!

Travel Can Make Your Brain Happy!

You go to work; make some money; eat some food; interact with friends, family or co-workers; go home; and watch some TV. Nothing particularly bad happens, but you still can not shake a feeling of stress, or worry, or inadequacy, or loneliness. Whether you have a stressful life and need a break to relax, or you are feeling in a rut and could use some mental stimulation, taking a vacation can provide the perfect change of pace your mind needs. Studies have shown that vacations  can help excite your brain and make it “feel happy”  much like exercise does.

A change of scenery will do you good!  When you visit someplace you have not been before, this gives your brain the most  stimulation. Vacationing in the same place year after year might be enjoyable to you, but it will not stimulate your brain as much as seeing something new. Your brain thrives on activities that it considers new. St. Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” So you do to want to keep reading the same page, but instead expand your line of vision.

Eating different foods, meeting new people, exploring and finding your way around unfamiliar places, and taking different modes of transportation are all ways that travel makes your brain work and exercise. Travel forces you to think and use skills that remain dormant and boosts your confidence. If you stop pushing yourself to try new things, eventually your world and confidence shrink, and so does your brain.


BYTOX – You Might Not Be Able to Cure a Hangover, But You Can Prevent it!

HOW DO YOU CURE A HANGOVER?  You can’t technically.

with BYTOX.


Perfect this time of year, when many of us go to party after party and over-indulge.

Be prepared for the biggest drinking time
(as in alcoholic consumption) of the year.   

Let me introduce you to Bytox patches….the
ultimate hangover remedy patch which will allow you to wake up the next
morning with a clear memory and feeling good.     

SO EASY TO USE!  As you head out to your party, stick the patch on your body and just leave it on till the next morning.

specially-formulated Bytox hangover remedy patch effectively replenishes the
vital levels of vitamins and nutrients your body loses when you consume
alcohol. By enhancing and restoring these levels, Bytox reduces the physical
side effects of alcohol consumption. Use the patch before during or after your
night out for maximum relief from hangovers. The patch is 100% safe and really
works! I have used it and tested it with great results!

Bytox has zero calories of course  and won’t irritate your stomach, so you
can party in style.



For more information visit Get a package of 5 patches for about $15.00.

Look for them on store shelves everywhere – order online.



Air Repair SkinCare Kit

Air Repair is the only travel skin care system created specifically to combat the effects of flying and the environmental changes of travel that take a toll on your skin.

Ceated by Denise Spanek, a renowned skin care expert and acclaimed beauty industry entrepreneur.
Denise  owns VIAGE Studio in San Francisco and over the past 2 decades, has built a successful skin care practice by providing clients with customized skin care methodologies.

The Air Repair  products were designed to meet the specific issues of skin care for the traveler. – But it also works if you’re skin is feeling fatigued like from a night of sleeplessness or over indulging.

Spanek has researched highly effective skin care brands and successful performance regiments – with the goal of creating her own products that are effective, luxurious, and…effortless. 

She says, “ I was doing a lot of international traveling and felt like I was landing looking like a Shar Pei! I realized that out of all the beauty brands to choose from, none of them addressed the issue of flight fatigue and environmental stresses that take a toll on the skin. So, I went on to create a line of comprehensive and streamlined skincare products with targeted ingredients to address these issues.”

Flying takes a toll on your body and your skin. Dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines, redness, dull appearance and irritation are quickly and effectively treated with the kit. The Air Repair Kit contains ground-breaking formulations which are petroleum, mineral oil and paraben free. Targeted ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (moisture retention), Cloudberry Seed Oil (a powerful anti-oxidant) and Heat Shock Proteins (climate-adjusting) deliver superior results that are ideal for any and all skin types.

Whether in the air or on the ground, Air Repair is the premiere “take care anywhere” skincare kit choice available. Plus, the kit is packaged in a see-through travel bag for carry-on convenience, so it conforms with the 3-1-1 policies. The best part; the PRICE!

Grab & Glow Skin Care Essentials for Travel and Beyond   $34.95 for the 5 pack kit –  

Air Repair Beauty Boost of mini’s   $9.95


Gay Travel and Deep-Vein Thrombosis DVT Awareness Month

is Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month, which is a concern for many travelers and, as you may remember, the condition that took the life of NBC-TV correspondent, David Bloom, life while he was covering the war in Iraq.

This year, the Coalition to Prevent DVT has created an educational program focusing on preventative care through simple movements that can be done anywhere and anytime mobility is restricted. As part of DVT Awareness In Motion, David Bloom’s widow, Melanie Bloom, has partnering with Mary Ann Wilson, R.N., founder and host of the PBS broadcast, “Sit and Be Fit,” on an educational video that features movements that may help reduce the risk of DVT by encouraging blood circulation. The program goes beyond building traditional awareness of the signs and symptoms of DVT by emphasizing the importance of preventative care in during long distance travel.
There are few public health problems as serious as DVT and its related complication, pulmonary embolism (PE), yet these conditions receive little attention. In fact:
Up to 2 million Americans are affected by DVT each year, and approximately 300,000 Americans die each year from PE.

Complications from DVT claim the lives of more Americans than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

DVT-related PE is the leading cause of preventable hospital death in U.S. hospitals, but the risk of DVT can be reduced if healthcare professionals and consumers recognize risk factors, warning signs and symptoms so that appropriate preventative measures can be taken.

At the DVT Website, check out the Awareness in Motion link and you can view some exercises and see some of the video.

New Gay Travel Guide


Traveling Somewhere Exotic? Travel Safely! Be Aware of Hepatitis A & B

Traveling to Asia, Africa, Central or South America  or the Caribbean?

Your trip can bring you so much excitement and adventure. But unfortunately, it can also put you at risk for hepatitis A & hepatitis B.

Relax. There’s no need to worry or cancel your plans. Hepatitis A & hepatitis B are two vaccine-preventable diseases that you could encounter while traveling.

By reading up on the facts, you’ll be savvier about the diseases, as well as ways to protect against them.

Go to TRAVEL SAFELY  and see if the country you plan to visit poses any risks.

New Gay Travel Guide