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Amtrak Dealing With WiFi Gay Issues This week

Despite opposition from anti-gay groups such a the Family Research
Institute, in recent years, Amtrak has been very active in marketing to
the LGBT communities.

While they are not painting the cars rainbow colors anytime soon,  they  are  a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association; and they operate a website design specifically for LGBT travelers,; and has been a sponsors of many gay events.

Last week Amtrak  confirmed that it is conducting a soft launch of free WiFi service on its
Northeast Regional trains, which include those serving Washington, DC.
WiFi is already available on its Acela trains, some regional trains on
the west coast and at select stations. Amtrak is expect to provide a
formal update next week about its expansion efforts.

Of course they are trying to block porn on the train.  But some LGBT news sites were also blocked. Christina Leeds, a media representative for Amrak, also acknowledged
reports that some websites, such as the one for the Seattle Gay News,
were being blocked by the third-party automated system that is employed
by the organization to filter inappropriate content.

They still DO NOT allow dogs to travel –  which I wish they would do something about that. 


Rail Europe LGBT Discount to FAB FOUR

Rail Europe has partnered with the IGLTA to offer a LGBT campaign through July 19.

The “Fab Four” deal gives travelers a 10% discount on rail passes to European countries well known for gay and lesbian travel. The “Fab Four” countries are Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Germany.

These “fab four” countries are well-known as top destinations for charming gay and lesbian travelers. Switzerland has a lively gay scene and offers travelers an exciting mix of bars and restaurants, shopping, and beautiful sites. Denmark also extends a warm welcome to gay and lesbian travelers, as it was the first country to fully recognize same sex marriages. The Netherlands and Germany aim to celebrate gay pride at its finest as well, with Amsterdam and Hamburg’s biggest gay pride festivals taking place in August.

Offering travelers easy and seamless travel throughout these destinations, Rail Europe’s ‘Fab Four’ promo is valid for more than 25 of Rail Europe’s rail passes. Whether you’re savoring Germany’s best brews, gliding along the Swiss Alps, biking around beautiful Amsterdam, or enjoying bustling Copenhagen, Rail Europe offers the best way to travel around Europe’s most iconic gay destinations this summer.

Not only are there wonderful events happening all the time in these fab countries, but the gay and lesbian nightlife and overall acceptance of gay people makes them wonderful travel destinations. Check out Passport Magazines  World Beat section for events you can check out while hopping from country to country.

The rail system runs throughout Europe, making travel between these countries quick and easy. Flaunt your spontaneity, hop on a train, and make your own unforgettable gay tour of Europe.


GAY TRAVEL GAY TRAINS! Amtrak Targets LGBT Passengers with New Ads

Gay Travel by Train!  It’s funny, we started  New Gay Travel Guide in 2006.  And just before we started the site, we were seeing more and more cities (like Las Vegas )  and businesses (like American Airlines )  reaching out to the LGBT Community.  Now, more than ever, you see  gay travel offers, gay travel pages on city websites,  tourism sites and special offers targeted to the LGBT gay travel market.

With the sagging economic times we have witnessed in the last 2 years, some have accused these companies of trying to cash in on the gay dollar to make up for their sagging revenues. I don’t believe that.  20 years ago, big companies were afraid to market to gays and lesbians for fear their heterosexual clients would give them flack.  As  gay became more and more acceptable,  that wall has  dropped. Or at least lowered.

We talk to many service providers around the world, many who have changed their company policies to help protect their LGBT employees and give them added benefits. They have realized we are part of the fabric of this world, and should not, and can not be ignored any longer. And they want to make sure are included and welcomed, and I applaud their efforts!

For the first time, Amtrak is courting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered travelers with a targeted $250,000 multimedia advertising blitz this summer.

The government-owned rail company is looking to the LGBT community for business with the hopes that its propensity for travel will translate well into rail transportation.  Amtrak has targeted other demographic groups in the past, including students, seniors, veterans, families with children, Hispanics, African Americans and international customers. However this is the first time it has aimed its efforts toward the LGBT community

In the DAILY  CALLER , Aaron Hicklin, editor in chief of Out Magazine, was enthusiastic about the prospect of Amtrak advertising in his publication. “I think the LGBT community is a great demographic given it’s tremendous mobility, and higher likelihood to take short city breaks in the U.S. to destinations served by Amtrak.” He continued, “Clearly Amtrak appreciates that our community is a significant market that responds to targeted advertising. Many airlines have established LGBT marketing campaigns to great success, and there’s a clear opportunity for Amtrak to remind our readers that there is a viable, in many ways more efficient, alternative, particularly on short-haul routes.”