Gay business is big business, and gay travel is even bigger business. Comcast Spotlight acknowledged that fact when they launched the Gay Travel On Demand Channel Oct. 14. Subscribers can now click onto tourism videos featuring Gay Chicago and Gay Friendly Halifax.

Canada is a prime destination for gay travel and the LGBT travel market is so desirable to Canadian businesses that not only sponsored a travel video on behalf of its capital city of Halifax ( 2006 population: 372,679 ) but it also sponsored the Gay Chicago video, which opens and closes with an ad driving viewers to the province’s tourism Web site.

The unfortunate part is you have to have Comcast.  “The goal is to create an On Demand gay travel guide on Comcast that is populated with dozens of gay travel videos for our customers to peruse at will,” said NGLCC member and Comcast Spotlight integrated marketing manager, Nancy Newman. “The platform is free and available 24/7 to all 16 million Comcast digital subscribers.”

“I want the Gay Travel Channel to exist throughout the nation,” she says. “We want to see a dozen, two dozen, videos up there from Gay Chicago to Gay-friendly Thailand. My favorite line is ‘crawl, walk, run’—we’re crawling right now, but we’ll getting there.”

New Gay Travel Guide