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Puerto Vallarta Romance and Hollywood

Puerto Vallarta

has received tons of press ever since Richard Burton  and  Elizabeth Taylor put this town on the map  in the  1960s. Since then, several movies have been filmed  here. It has become  a  gay mecca but yet,  has  retained  it’s  small town charm.

I hope that never changes.  More and more celebrities  come to Vallarta  to escape the constant flashing cameras of the paparazzi. They seek privacy and refuge  in the small boutique properties here in PV.

Tucked away on an unassuming, cobblestone street, Casa Kimberly, Elizabeth Taylor’s former home, is now an intimate, nine-suite boutique owned by Janice Chatterton, hotelier of nearby celebrity-magnet Hacienda San Angel just two blocks away. Modeled similar to Hacienda, Casa Kimberly is as glamorous as it is palatial and designed to feel timeless with blue-and-white tiled staircases, stone columns, arched doorways, wrap-around terraces and al fresco courtyards with bubbling fountains. All suites and public spaces are adorned with 19th-century antiques, from Italian paintings and horse carriages to a marble statue carved by French sculptor Gustave Deloye. Suites start at $435; Elizabeth Taylor suite from $825.

Beyond Burton and Taylor, however, the balmy beach town of Puerto Vallarta has cast a spell on A-listers. It’s now chock-full of luxury resorts and private villas to pander to their whim. Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez vacation at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort (suites from $385,), a secluded all-inclusive resort that straddles jungle and beach. The rising number of new boutiques (like Casa Kimberly) have also been drawing attention.

Stars like Angelica Huston have shacked up at Rivera del Rio (suites from $359,, a fantastic whimsical, eight-room property in Old Town and decades deep with Hollywood ties. Since the 1970s, the former private home hosted Hollywood actors and crew for films (including Predator, Revenge, Gunmen) before established as a hotel in 2012. Owner Alexander James Andriadis Killen says: “I remember when they were filming Gunmen in our house and watching Mario Van Peebles blow up our kitchen. I also remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger first walked into our home during the filming of Predator. I was scared that the Terminator was in our house that I ran away crying.” Having lived “on set” for 32 years and grandfathered into Hollywood, Alex has become a valuable source in town for the A-list who continue to flock over. “Hollywood still lives on in Puerto Vallarta.”  (Photo  right – courtyard pool  @  Garlands  Del Rio).


Alexander James Andriadis Killen has just renovated and opened  a new property just down the street, Garlands Del Rio. This Majestic Bed and Breakfast located directly on the Rio Cuale is another masterpiece. Garlands Del Rio represents a rustic yet magical time in Puerto Vallarta. Each room has a character and personality inspired by long time residents of Puerto Vallarta.

These beautiful rooms make up a Garland of beauty and relaxation. Garlands has 8 true vallartan style rooms with antiquated bathrooms that span around a luscious sapphire blue pool and a Vaulted ceiling kitchen fit for kings and queens. Located directly under the Rio Cuale bridge you will experience a true Vallartan experience that cannot be found at a typical hotel. BOTH of Killen’s properties consistently get rated  5  stars!




– Most Puerto Vallarta-bound celebrities also vacation in Punta Mita, a tony resort community just 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Famous faces like Kate Hudson shack up at Four Seasons Punta Mita (which recently debuted a new beach club with beach shack bar). The five-star property is home to private villa residences equipped with infinity pools (with adjustable temperatures), personal chefs and tantalizing views of the sea , three-bedroom, ocean-view residence from $5,100 per night). The five-bedroom, beachfront presidential Coral Suite starts at $23,000 per night. Honeymooners like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Lance Bass and Michael Turchin continue to swoon over Casa Aramara , the famed private residence owned by Joe Francis, and Gwyneth Paltrow has checked into Casa China Blanca ($1,700 per night) a 10,000-square-foot, five-bedroom and fully staffed sanctuary that has been featured in blockbuster films Limitless and Elysium. Casa De Mita ($750 per night), an intimate, hacienda-style, eight-room boutique right on a virtually deserted unspoiled beach, is Punta Mita’s best-kept secret.


Hollywood Reporter


Davey Wavey Checks out Palm Springs

DAVEY WAVEY and a couple friends head to PALM SPRINGS to check out the

clothing optional InnDulge hotel resort!   WATCH

Then they have some margaritas and check out the gay club Hunters.


First Class….or Bust!

FIRST CLASS  is nice, I have to admit!  I have been very very fortunate over the years, because I am a writer, I have been gifted first class several  times – and on international flights, its quite amazing to have the space and luxury.

But is it worth it? to pay all the extra money – for most people no. However sometimes you can scoop a first class seat for pennies. Someone recently tweeted that  their economy class fare of $124 originally  and they were able to get first class for just  a $90 upgrade! That is rare, but it can happen.

For me it has nothing to do with status. I enjoy the space, the seats, the comfort, the food, the drinks – it is special.  Airfare Watchdog did a great article about it recently.  Check it out!




Michael Lucas and Undressing Israel and Tel Aviv




When many people think of Israel, it is often in terms of modern war or ancient religion. And camels! But there is much more to the Jewish state than missiles and prayers.

In his debut as a documentary filmmaker,
adult-film entrepreneur and political columnist Michael Lucas examines a
side of Israel that is too often overlooked: its thriving gay community.

Undressing Israel features interviews with a diverse range of local men, including a gay member of Israel’s parliament, a trainer who
served openly in the army, a young Arab-Israeli journalist, and a pair of dads raising their kids.

Lucas also visits Tel Aviv’s vibrant
nightlife scene—and even attends a same-sex wedding—in this guided tour
of a country that has emerged as a pioneer for gay integration and equality.


Gay Travel with Alain and his Rainbow Wig

  WHAT is the one thing you CAN NOT travel without?

For some
people  it me  be something as simple and small as an iPod. For others, they  might insist on bringing along their favorite pillow. I travel with my lucky underwear!!

But  for Alain, The Sojourner, he doesn’t go anywhere without his rainbow

What started off as a Halloween costume in 2006 has now become a global
movement, with Alain taking the wig to 11 countries and countless

He’s even started a photo collection of friends and strangers wearing the rainbow.

‘I pose with it in every country I’m going to. I did it in the Great Wall of China, in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York and some other places.

‘Why am I doing this? It’s because travel is supposed to be fun. It’s not just about the exciting places you’re gonna land on, not only about the incredible people you’ll be meeting or the unscripted lessons you’ll learn – but also about how you make the best out of it!

‘As a couch-surfer, I’ve met hundreds of people and hosted some of them. And the good thing is, they’re ALL willing to wear the rainbow wig, without really thinking about my sexuality.

Follow him on Facebook or his blog!


Matthew Mitcham Autographed Books


And we love Matthew Mitcham!
 Sydney Mardis Gras is heating up this month, with an explosion of parties happening March 2, 2013. 
In 2009, Matthew Mitcham was the Chief of Parade of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras after being declared the 2008 Australian Sports Performer of the Year.
I just finished reading his book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its packed full of photographs as well!
Despite his diving achievements, Mitcham struggled to attract
corporate sponsorship. In the The Advocate, an editor said, “What’s a
guy to do when he’s got the gold, the fame, the man – but no big-time
endorsements?” In 2009, Mitcham secured financial support from the
Australian telecommunications provider Telstra. In 2010, he was
announced as the new face of Funky Trunks and has appeared on
advertising campaigns across Australia, Europe and the United States. He
is also a spokesman and “swimwear ambassador” for the brand.

“People kept remarking on how they were surprised that a gold
medal and fame hadn’t changed me. I always responded, ‘Why would I
change? Being me is the easiest person to be.’ I was lying. It wasn’t.”

THE BOOK SHOP has a limited number of the books right now, autographed, and at a special price!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!

Gay Travel with Jonny McGovern

Check this out! 3 Days of Gay Pimpin in St Peterberg, Florida!
The Gayest Weekend Of All Time, or GWOAT (as the cool kids are saying) is a 3-day event for all the fans of the Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern podcast to come together and meet their favorite podcast stars in the flesh and party with them.

include day-time realness activities, games, contests, dancing, but
most of all, kikiing with the cast of Gay Pimpin’. You can look at the
schedule right
here, babies!

When and where is this happening? 
GWOAT is coming right up! It’s the March 1, 2 and 3, 2013 weekend at the Flamingo Hotel in St. Petersburg Florida. What are you waiting for? Get yo’ tickets NOW!
What does a GWOAT ticket get me? 
Your ticket gets you access to all 11 GWOAT events, including live performances, contests, poolside parties and club parties during the weekend.

CHARO Talks Travel Tips and Hits the Road with SEXY SEXY

María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Gutiérrez de los Perales Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Hinojosa Rasten 

aka  CHARO

She was at SPLASH Bar in NYC last month performing SEXY SEXY her new hit song! (The song was written by her son  Shel Rasten –  for Britney Spears. Charo said FUCK Britney Spears! That song is Momma’s! ).

In the new issue of Passport Magazine, Charo gives travel tips!

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Good water! This morning they were putting on my makeup and they asked, “What is your secret? What do you do?” – I drink lots of water and ALWAYS wear a moisturizer. If you take medication, always bring it on the plane with you. And vitamins. But water and moisturizer is a must. When you are flying you are having a lot of radiation. Twice the radiation of an x-ray.

And my advice to everybody who travels is when you pack, put your things inside a plastic cover. One time, coming from Europe to the USA, when we landed it was raining and they left the luggage outside for a while and when we opened it, it was soaked. It ruined 50k worth of costumes. So my advice is whatever is precious and you cannot wash, wrap it or pack it in a plastic container.

She also added, I am against discrimination and against oppression. The people in the White House should treat the country like it’s their own children. Same sexes should be respected and allowed to marry. You have to fight, fight, fight!

And she fights for animal rights. With the help of PETA, Charo’s working to end bullfighting in Spain. Blood cannot be exchanged for entertainment. In Spain, there is food, art, music, architecture, why do they need to keep holding onto an old tradition, and the cruelest way for an animal to die?” She’s convinced bullfighting will be outlawed in parts of Spain within the next six months.

Charo will perform her new hit SEXY SEXY April  10th at the White Party in Palm Springs! After that, watch for her in a city near you! You don’t want to miss this show!


Uber Sexy Fitness Blogger Davey Wavey Travels to Sundance

Before there was
Scott Herman ,
there was Davey.

Unless you have been
under rock the last 5 years,
you should know

The gay  fitness hottie is more delicious than Mom’s Apple Pie! And his blog Break The Illusion  is uber popular.

The 27 year old says, “I assumed this physical form to embark on a journey of peace and love.

Though I’m a bit of a nomad, traveling the world from city to city and town to town, my current location is Rhode Island, USA. For a career, I’m a certified personal trainer  and  have a fitness blog, Davey Wavey Fitness .

My life’s mission is to 1.) share my love with the world 2.) teach others about the pervasive oneness of this perfect universe and 3.) learn, grow and develop from all my experiences and all my teachers.”

 It is his Videos which are getting international attention now.  And I predict, this attention could bring him much deserved fame.  You have  to love the whole Web 2.0 movement. When I grew up, and I am dating myself (gasp!) we didn’t have YouTube, Twitter or even the Internet! The world is an oyster now. Anyone can be their own PR agent and get seen by millions. Bloggers and Vloggers are becoming the stars of today.

YouTube invited  Davey  to Park City Utah for the week, for the Sundance Film Festival,  because one of his  video clips is being used in Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott’s documentary, Life in a Day .

Life in a Day is the result of director Kevin MacDonald’s plea to the YouTube community to record one day of their lives – July 24th, 2010 – with the ultimate aim of patching them all together. The call was heard, and 80,000 videos were submitted for selection, totalling 4,500 hours of raw footage.

Produced by Ridley Scott, the footage was eventually cut down to the 90 minute feature that is garnering raves from reviewers and audiences for it’s moving and poignant scenes harnessed from everyday life, by everyday people. Encompassing the most mundane daily activities to the most exhilarating and saddest experiences, the film operates with a kind of rhythm that can change mood on a dime, and can elicit a broad smile as quickly as it can have the viewer choking back the tears .

The movie premiered at Sundance this past week and streamed live on YouTube.  And you can watch  his  MEET THE FILM MAKER interview . The actual film will be released sometime in 2011.

Congratulations Davey!!

When traveling
, Davey says, “Staying healthy and fit while traveling is always a challenge. But here are my top 6 tips for making it happen: Calorie counting never takes a vacation; skipping the gym is not an option; use your feet; bring your own snacks; and be flexable.”  Read all the tips in detail on Daveys Fitness Blog .   
He also gives some pointers for hotel stays .

He says, “Being a frequent traveler doesn’t need to be a death sentence for your fitness program or a prescription for obesity. Keep your game face on—and I think you’ll be pleased with the results: more energy, better sleep and increased immune system performance, just to name a few.”

Davey on YouTube          Davey on Facebook

Best Gay News      and  New Gay Travel Guide


Barry Diller – Gay Travel Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


The saying “the rich get richer and poor get poorer” is so true these days. I have countless friends being forced to accept  jobs at $10 an hour, because that’s all they can find. Here in Chicago it is next to impossible to find jobs in the $40,000-$60,000  a  year range. Meanwhile,  company execs continue to rake in $MILLIONS  PER YEAR  with lavish expense accounts.  How special are they? Are they  THAT talented??

 Take Barry Diller, for example. Closet case IAC  top man, who just recently steeped down as CEO, and is known for his lavish spending habits, usually at his companys expense.

Private jets, private yachts, island hopping and more , and as GAWKER stated , “All in good fun, it would seem. “But given IAC’s lackluster stock performance, shareholders must be wondering whether they should subsidizing Diller’s holiday temptations. Employees certainly are; wrote one, cheekily, “Barry loves to spend time with his boys. Let’s face it, that costs money and IAC employees must understand these sacrifices.” – REALLY?!

So Friday, came  sort of surprising news – that Barry Diller is stepping down as CEO  of  the company.

“I never thought I was a very good manager,” Barry Diller told Fortune yesterday, explaining why he stepped down as CEO of IAC, his internet business conglomerate. “I mean I am decent, but I want to go back to what I am good at, which is looking for opportunities to grow the business.”

Still, you have to wonder why, if Diller is such a mediocre manager, he deserved to be the second-most-richly-compensated CEO in America over the past decade.

As GAWKER points out , “It’s clear that resentment over Diller’s management style has been brewing at IAC for some time. And his private life has come under an uncomfortable spotlight around here for some time, as well. Still, this is rather sudden.”


Gay Travel and Gay Christmas Tips with John Waters


You wouldn’t expect
 the legendary creator
of such subversive films as
“Pink Flamingos” and “Female Trouble”
 to be a fan of Christmas!

(John Waters Collection #3:
 Pink Flamingos/ Female Trouble )

Halloween, yes!
Christmas? Really?!

But of course, John Waters defies expectations.

“I really do love Christmas, without irony,” the 63-year-old filmmaker  says, “But I understand that a lot of people hate it, so I’m trying to give advice to every single person as to how to survive Christmas.”

Waters has performed his one man spoken-word lecture entitled “This Filthy World ” to sold-out audiences around the world; (DVD John Waters: This Filthy World is avavilable, if you missed it).

In 2004, his cynical and hilarious  CD “A John Waters Christmas was released, featuring an outlandish compilation of musical obscurities chosen by Waters himself, including songs by Tiny Tim, Fat Daddy and the Chipmunks!

With all of the traveling John does, who better to give some Travel Tips and Advice?!

He tells PASSPORT Magazine , The worst possible thing in the world is to be trapped on an airplane without a book, and mine will put you in a good mood even if you’re delayed, your luggage is lost, or flight is canceled,” he shares. “And if anyone’s nosy and reads it over your shoulder you can open the chapter about outsider pornographers and then they won’t talk to you, which is also nice on an airplane.”

He also says, “I always have toiletries with me, and a hanger bag with something to wear in case my suitcase is lost, because I’m usually going to be on stage so I carry one outfit with me. [Also] books, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on an airplane without a book. I always have way too many books with me.

AND ABOVE ALL – Be early! Get the first plane in the morning—the pilots are always there, the plane is there, and there aren’t many thunderstorms at 6 A.M. The later you wait in the day, the bigger the chance of you getting screwed up.”

READ MORE from John Waters and Traveling at Passport .

The Best Gay Travel Guide


Vote For Michael Snell As The Next Top Gay Travel Guru

OK, so I have a  BIG FAVOR  to  ask.

I have applied for a  very cool job  with

Out of hundreds of applications, after the first cut last week,  they have narrowed it down to 54 finalists. And I have made it to the top 54!

From here, on August 1st,  they will pick their  top 8  finalists to go to New York City for the final selection of the winner.

The winner gets a  6 month paid job with  and will fly all over the US helping them build their brand with Social Media and blogging and Networking!

So here is my favor.  I am asking to PLEASE go to   and sign up for a free profile/account for yourself. It just takes a minute. 

THE  VOTING  HAS JUST BEGUN! And runs for 2 weeks. Till July 30th.

Look  for  MICHAEL  –  Scoll down and  vote  5  STARS~!

Any help you can give me, would be  GREATLY  appreciated!!!

Michael Snell
America’s Next Top GAY TRAVEL GURU!



Michael Lucas Will Be Your Gay Travel Guide to Tel Aviv

Gay porn star/director/producer
Michael Lucas

is about to add tour guide to his resume – the head of Lucas Entertainment announced on his website that he is going to start taking groups of tourists to Israel.

Lucas writes: “It is no secret that Israel is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I travel there at least twice every year to visit my favorite parties, restaurants, historical monuments, beaches, resorts, and most importantly, all of the close friends and wonderful people I have met throughout the course of my travels. What I love about Israel is that it is extremely modern while maintaining such an amazing and diverse sense of history: You can be in urban Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities on earth, surrounded by skyscrapers, and then drive 40 minutes to ancient Jerusalem and see craftsmanship and architecture that is over 2,000 years old. It is incredible!

Although I am uncut, I’m 100 percent Jewish. I was born to a Jewish mother and a Jewish Father (his name is Bregman—can’t get more Jewish that). I’ve been exposed to anti-Semitism in Russia, and so, I’ve always had a warm place for Israel in my heart (and groin, have you ever seen those Israeli men?). It makes me happy to think it has a warm place in its heart for me.”

Lucas promises this will not be your typical tourist’s look at Israel – evidenced by his description of the tour’s planned trip to Gaash Beach. “This is the premiere clothing-optional beach in Tel-Aviv known only to insiders. You can feel free to lie in the sun as nude as you’d like, enjoy the ocean, or feel free to watch any number of hot guys have sex up and down the shore! I have traveled all around the world and never encountered a beach like this one.”

Two packages available to choose from.
There is now a 9 day tour for $2755 and also a 12 day tour for $3790.

Launching the end of May 2010, the inaugural two-week tour brings visitors on an extensive journey through the breathtaking nation of Israel, personally accompanied by Michael Lucas. Lucas has partnered with top experts in the Israeli tourism industry to contract the best amenities for the trip, including licensed guides and luxury hotels. The premiere group will visit notable historic sites, numerous restaurants, beaches, and resorts, along with several other locations that provide for the experience of a lifetime.

Best Gay Travel Guide


Spend an Intimate Week With the Boys from Bel Ami Studios in Cape Town, South Africa


    THIS    IS    THE    TRIP    OF    A     LIFETIME!

           THE     VACATION    OF     YOUR      DREAMS!


For the first time ever, BelAmi is offering a limited opportunity for fans to meet the BelAmi models and crew and partake in the BelAmi Photo Workshop. This is an unique chance to meet the team in person that have inspired so many fantasies on film.

There will be 2 workshop sessions (depending on interest) scheduled during an upcoming film shoot in Cape Town/South Africa. The workshop participants will have access to most of the current stars from our movies and website. You will get to meet the guys, socialize with them and most importantly have the opportunity to take you own images of the guys!! The best pictures will be published in a special commemorative book.

Can you imagine hanging out with the most beautiful young men in the world! And having the chance to photograph them?!


The workshops will have the following format:

Day 1: Arrival and welcome dinner. At the welcome dinner you will be introduced to your instructor, meet and get the chance to chat with BelAmi founder George Duroy and all of the crew as well as the chance to get to know some of the models that you will be working with for the next 4 days

Day 2 – 5: 1/2 day workshop and instruction, 1/2 day freeform photographic session
Day 6: Brunch and Departure

Included in the package is:
-Working with models including: Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill, Todd Rosset and the Peters twins
-All accommodation for the duration of the course (5 nights) individual rooms in a small hotel reserved entirely for BelAmi
-Transfers to and from the airport and from the hotel to the locations.
-All breakfast and on the set meals
-4 days of expert instruction and photo shooting at our filming locations and other places
-6 months membership to our website BelAmiOnline
-Signed copies of both Howard Roffman and Benno Thom’s most recent BelAmi photo books

-A copy of the commemorative book (when published)
-Certificate of completion
-Farewell Brunch

WOW! Does that sound amazing, or what?!

Each workshop will be limited to 5-7 places, to ensure that each person will get maximum personal attention.

The course will cost only 5,500 euro, booking will be secured upon payment of a 50% deposit.

 Workshop 1, starting on March 8 and finishing March 13 will be conducted by Howard Roffman and we recommend this for participants who have some basic knowledge of photography

Workshop 2, starting on March 14 and finishing March 20 will be conducted by Benno Thoma will be ideal for aspiring photographers of all levels, from pure beginners to those who have knowledge of their camera already.

For further details and

expressions of  interest,

please contact us




at raphaelsmp (at) gmail . com     

by January 15!!!



Gay Space Travel – One Step Closer For Mankind Thanks To Richard Branson

We told you about
Outer Space Travel with VIRGIN
and Richard Branson
1 year ago.

Now it is one step closer!

As Britain’s most visible showman-entrepreneur unveiled his latest creation in the southern California desert this week – a giant fantasy of a flying machine that promises to take tourists out of the Earth’s atmosphere into outer space as soon as 2011 – everything was in place for the aviation equivalent of a glitzy Hollywood premiere. Except the weather.

The Guardian reported, “What he didn’t have, though, was the kindness of the elements. The temperature hovered somewhere just above freezing. Driving rain gave way to howling winds of 50mph and even the occasional flurry of sleet and snow.

VIP guests and “future astronauts” – the 300 or more people who have pledged $200,000 (£122,000) each for a place on board SpaceShipTwo and the chance to boldly go where only a handful of professional space travelers have gone before – were gracious and filled with excitement, nonetheless.”

Branson claims their technology is 50 years ahead of NASA’s. Burt Rutan, the engineering genius who figured out how to build a craft that could re-enter the atmosphere “carefree” without the need for nerve-rackingly precise piloting by either humans or computers, was also on hand.

“This is the sexiest spaceship ever,” Branson declared, mustering what must have been his last few drops of enthusiasm.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Richardson each broke a champagne bottle over the ship’s nose, bestowing upon it the name VSS Enterprise (pure Star Trek, as Virgin Galactic acknowledged), then retreated for the evening.

It’s  really  all a bit amazing that this project is finally a reality – in under 5 years!  Not that we ever doubted the fruition of a project backed by a  man such as Richard Branson. The guy is an iconic  legend of our time!


Best Gay Travel Guide


Lady Bunny on Gay Travel Tips – Exclusive Interview with New Gay Travel Guide

is THE Hardest Working Drag Queen working today!  We first met Bun Bun about 7-8   years ago when she brought  a mini version of Wigstock to Chicago

Since then our paths have crossed many times, in many different cities!  New York,  Fort Lauderdale, Toronto, Puerto Vallartra, and most recently    in New Orleans for Decadence,   where we caught up and chatted over carrots!   and  her Skyy Vodka Infusion Drink!

How does she seem to  “do it all???”

I asked for a life in show biz–and I got it. Besides, they are all so sick of me in NYC that I am forced to go on the road practically every week! Sometimes I don’t know how I keep up such a hectic pace, but it’s a recession–you worry when that phone STOPS ringing, not when it rings.

So I’m grateful for the work and if I’m performing or dj’ing in a place I like, I can sometimes stay on for a few days and snatch a free vacation. That’s definitely a perk. And I’m getting ready to dj for the designer Paco Rabanne for a Paris fashion week party! Paco is better known for his fragrances nowadays, but he was the innovative designer who created all of those gorgeous chain mail mini’s in the late 60’s and also designed the costumes for Jane Fonda in Barbarella! I’m so excited to meet one of my inspirations!

Since she travels more than anyone I know and has more frequent flyers than you can shake a wig at, our chat turned to travel tips and advice…

Flying used to be glamorous! Remember pretty, young stewardesses? Now, it’s a humiliating chore. Removing your shoes? Sometime the fumes off of Lady Bunion’s hooves are so potent that I’m afraid the TSA will think I’m a terrorist toting biological warfare! But here are a few tips that I swear by:

NEVER CHECK IN CURBSIDE. You’re just allowing your bag to pass through one more group of morons and upping the odds of having it not arrive with you. Just imagine me arriving in  Puerta Vallarta on a Sunday evening with an hour before I go on and hunting through the few open shops for a big wig and a size 12 pump. It’s time for that poncho made from a hotel bedspread and a towel turban=hideous! So I suggest packing a few of your absolute musts in your carry on. It may be a little embarrassing to pull out that dildo at the checkpoint, but hey, what if you don’t get lucky in Mobile? Of course, how lucky can you be if you actually are in Mobile?

ARRIVE SUPER EARLY. An hour and a half for checked bags on domestic trips. You never know when you are gonna get stuck behind a school trip and the 50 idiotic tween girls don’t know they have to remove their jewelry before passing through the metal detector. This can make security take 30 minutes alone and once the gate is closed, it ain’t re-opening. It’s also advisable to book your trip on an airline which has another flight/flights on that day just in case. And remember–that indirect flight on Orbitz or Travelocity may be cheaper, but if you are on an indirect flight on two separate airlines you could really lose out. if the first carrier is late and you miss your connection on a different airline, the second airline has NO responsibility whatsoever for your ass. Also, when booking your itinerary, factor in rush hour traffic to what time you arrive so that you don’t get stuck in traffic after a hateful flight. And speaking of rush…

POPPERS ARE FLAMMABLE. Even though they might make your sex life hotter, they could be yanked from your luggage along with lighter fluid or even aerosol hairspray. A friend pointed this out after flying into the Provincetown airport where they actually have a sign about poppers! “Mommy, what’s amyl nitrate?”


PACK LIGHT. Now that airlines are charging for checked luggage, everyone is trying to cram as much as they can in their carry-ons and I have literally seen fights break out for the overhead space on board. And since more airlines are using smaller planes with teensy overhead compartments for domestic flights, make sure you have one very small bag for your laptop, etc.

You don’t wanna gate check that because if you’re smart, you’ve already put up your personals ad on craigslist in your destination city before departing and you don’t wanna arrive computer-less and miss out on the fresh meat appeal which you’ve lost in your own city decades ago! Plus it’s kinda tacky to check personals in a hotel business center. With one possible exception: unless there is a church convention at your hotel. You definitely want to horrify as many of those prudes as you can with graphic images and the moaning from xtube videos at top volume. Amen!

PACK A SNACK. Obviously, I like to eat. But everyone has to eat at regular intervals and unless your metabolism can worm some nutrition out of a tiny bag of pretzels made with white flour, you’re blood sugar will plummet and your flight will be wretched. I have a touch of hypoglacemia so I have to regular doses of protein (I am not even going to ask what kind of protein she is talking about! ). This makes me especially aware of this situation. But if there’s no food on board and you are forced to sit on the plane for an hour after boarding before a long flight, even the most carb conscious queen is gonna snatch every pretzel available and oink it. Nuts are the most obvious choice for a nibble since they are chock full of protein and can’t spoil. So squirrel away a big, salty sack of nuts–you’ve got dirty minds!–and buy them at a grocery or drug store to avoid paying $15 bucks per handful at an airport kiosk.

BECOME A SCHNER. That’s a word a jewish friend taught me. He said that it’s jewish for someone who grabs everything for free. Wait! Isn’t that kind of redundant in the jewish community? KIDDING! Anyhoo, many better hotels offer complimentary toiletry basics to guests who may have forgotten to pack shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes, etc. Snatch them all! And ask the maid for extra coffee, lotion, mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner. Make a habit of this and before you know it, you’ve got an array of travel-sized everything. And we all know that liquids are heavy–you can’t carry them on and regular sized bottles of these products will really weigh your bags down and up those overage fees. I haven’t purchase a bar of soap in years! Or a needle and thread for that matter!


FORCE FEED SEDATIVES TO ALL SQUAWKING BRATS! There oughta be a law. And never pop your own “dolls” until you are at the gate and have seen the plane and an on time departure is announced. Otherwise, you could snore right through the boarding process!

IMMEDIATELY PUT OUT THE DO NOT DISTURB SIGN ON YOUR DOOR. It’s especially effective if you also make your own homemade sign which says DO NOT DISTURB! ALREADY DISTURBED! written in blood and posted with a knife jammed through it into the door. Otherwise, you’ll be catching a disco nap and some dunce in a foreign language will try to enter your room for a turn-down service. I turn that service down! Who on earth needs someone to pull back the covers and put a chocolate on the bed? (I’m a bottom, so any chocolate on the bed brings back too many shitty memories.)

Also, make sure you place a do not disturb on your hotel phone line as well. That way, you won’t be disturbed by a wrong number from that bridal party next door or some kiss-ass from the front desk calling to see if everything is alright. “Yes, it’s fine! Until you woke me up with that stupid question!” CLICK! And make sure to check that the alarm is off or set to when you want it–or else you’ll bolt up at the 6:00 AM which the businessman who last stayed in your room set it to. And if you are like me, that’s right about when you are getting to bed!

*Fabulous Bunny Photos by Sergio Kardenas!

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Gunther Von Hagen Studies Madonna’s Arms and Body?

Gunther Von Hagens BODY WORLDS & The BRAIN will only run until October 4, 2009 in San Diego, CA. If you have never seen this amazing exhibit, it’s quite extraordinary! 

As you may  know, he is a controversial anatomist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called plastination.

MADONNA has seen his show many times!  And is so impressed by his work she is now  working with personal trainer Tracy Anderson 6 TIMES A WEEK, 2 hours PER WORKOUT, to prepare for her upcoming European tour.

W T F ?

Madonna, step away from the pipe!


Spirit Journeys Attracts the Attention of GLAAD and Celebrities!

We did a story here a couple weeks ago about Spirit Journeys and their amazing gay retreats they offer.  Last week they gained endorsements from several celebrities at the GLAAD Media Awards for its spiritually based gay travel offerings!

“We were actually contacted by GLAAD to be a host in the Celebrity Suite. GLAAD felt that we were unique  and would bring something new to the suite, that and the fact that we were the only exclusively gay organization
in the suite!”  says owner Howie Holben.

As each celebrity was brought to meet Howie Holben and his partner Chris Caramelli, the purpose of Spirit Journeys was briefly explained to the celebrity. Most visitors were quite amazed that such a service even existed for the LGBT community.

some of the comments….

Cheyenne Jackson, who recently starred in Broadway’s Xanadu and is appearing in Fox’s upcoming series Glee, was quoted as saying, “I love to travel. Maybe I can join you guys sometime.”

Bruno Tonioli of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, asked “You guys go to Thailand?! I love Thailand!”

Alec Mapa, actor, comic and plays Suzuki St. Pierre on ABC’s Ugly Betty and hosted Logo’s Transamerican Love Story, said to Howie, “My husband and I are definitely coming to Peru and Machu Picchu with you guys!”

Peter Paige who is known for his work on Queer As Folk and as a star of Logo’s Rick & Steve, said “Wow, this sounds special.”

Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives was heard to say, “This would be a great way to see the world.”

After working very hard to bring Spirit Journeys to the attention of the LGBT community, the acknowledgments and endorsements were gratefully received by Spirit Journeys! Who knows, you might be taking a vacation with a celebrity next time at Spirit Journeys!


Sordid Lives Series Nearly Bankrupts Del Shores



‘Sordid Lives’ writer Del Shores goes public with his financial crisis and attacks third parties involved with the show.  Shores announced  to his facebook fan club this week,  that the production of Season 2 of ‘Sordid Lives: The Series’ will be at a standstill because parties  failed to pay.

Many fans have reacted negatively to the news and began a boycott of LOGO. A facebook group has been set-up with email addresses — some personal — of the executives in charge at LOGO, asking supporters to persuade the network to pay up so that Shores can continue on with Season 2. But it’s complicated. Logo is not really at fault.

Shores published a letter Tuesday which goes into details about his relationship with LOGO and his financial situation. Shores says his home has gone into foreclosure and the producers still refused to pay his residuals.

Shores credits his husband Jason Dottley (singer) for getting him through a difficult period: “I live daily with gratitude. Jason told me it would be okay and suggest that I start teaching and to get back on stage to tell my stories. I did and it saved me.”

A public letter  says:

I’m tired of being told to be silent.

You all deserve to know the truth about why “Sordid Lives: The Series” is not going forward into Season 2.

First of all, I want you all to know that this has been an amazing experience for me, for the cast. We love each other, we love working together. AND WE LOVE OUR FANS.

When the show premiered July 23rd, according to the executives and marketing team at LOGO, “SLTS” was in a league of its own. We were told that it was off the charts for them. That it was 20 times bigger than any show they had ever aired. I brought them stars and beloved characters and they got mainstream press — and  RAVE REVIEWS across the board! Whoopi Goldberg even called me personally and told me that she wanted me to write her into Season 2. I did!

Viewers were changing their cable companies (Direct TV, you owe me money!) LOGO was in more households than ever. Not just gay. We had crossed over! We were flying high and destined to many seasons to come! I took a big risk and it paid off.

See, usually, when you bring a network a hit, you are rewarded! And we were. LOGO ordered the 2nd season 2 weeks after we premiered. BUT, LOGO doesn’t own the show. Our production company owns the series. In fact, there are three financial partners.

LOGO, our production company and IMG International, who is our foreign distributor. LOGO ordered the show CONTINGENT on the other partners also ordering the show. IMG did not. They were still selling the show — and still are. They seem to be doing very well — France, Germany, Austria, Israel, Canada, Sweden and more in the wings — so they could still come in.

But a bigger problem arose. The 12 episodes have now aired 262 times collectively (in America alone). Each time SLTS airs, the writer, director and actors are to receive compensation — residuals. The production company is the signatory with all the Guilds, meaning they have agreed to pay the residuals. To this date, WE HAVE BEEN PAID NOTHING!

I wrote and directed all twelve episodes and am personally owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have been paid nothing! I took a huge pay cut to do this show. I made less money in four years working on SLTS than I made in one season on “Queer As Folk”. The actors, who worked for minimums or slightly above, have also BEEN PAID NOTHING. The Guilds have stepped in, but these claims takes months.

Actors have lost health insurance and okay, now I’m going to really get honest and bare all. I worked exclusively on “Sordid Lives: The Series” for over four years. I was contractually bound to the show and turned down many opportunities — because I was doing what I loved — writing, creating, directing my own show, with amazing creative control (thank you LOGO). It was my choice and my extreme pleasure. But I took a hit. A big hit. It was a gamble. A risk. I thought I had won.

In January, our home went into foreclosure — and yes, the producers knew about my financial situation — still refused to pay me my residuals which would have saved the house and a lot of stress. I informed the executives of LOGO, hoping they would at least step in and pay me for the scripts of Season Two (which I had written). No response from the network.

Thank G-d for friends. Thank G-d for C.R., for N.A and R.A, for B.B. For Jason’s amazing family, for my kids, my ex-wife — and for the support of you, my friends and fans. You have no idea how much strength you gave me… make that — give me.
It was a crazy time. It still is.

But you know, I learned so much. I learned that things are things — and health, family, friends, and my adoring fans, are important. I am loved and I’ve had a good ride. I’m lucky and I am BLESSED.

I live daily with gratitude. Jason told me it would be okay and suggest that I start teaching and to get back on stage to tell my stories. I did and it saved me. Yet, I was still fighting for “Sordid Lives: The Series”. I even tried to buy the show back from the producer — knowing, I could put together the money.

But negotiations came to a screeching stop. The price was too high.
We reached an impasse — and now, I have a glimmer of hope — but yes, it has faded.

And as much as I love my friends at LOGO, it did sting when they picked up a second run (reruns) of “The Sarah Silverman Program” for more money per episode than they paid for SLTS. That money could have saved our show. And no disrespect to Ms. Silverman. I LOVE her show, but that’s not the point. My interpretation — “Sordid Lives: The Series” was just simply not that important for LOGO to save.

So, I must move on. I have other stories to tell. I want to see “Southern Baptist Sissies” on the big screen. I know the effect of the play. The healing. The salvation. {Anybody with a couple of mil want to make a difference, be a movie producer? 🙂 } I have other plays in me, other TV shows. Caroline Rhea, Leslie Jordan and I will bring our “A-Sordid Affair Comedy Tour” to you very soon. It’s all good.

But I do have more “Sordid Lives” in me… the 2nd season was written before it all went down. I own the stage rights and the publishing — so someday, someway, you’ll know how Noleta fares in the looney bin, where Brother Boy winds up… what happens to Ty and Jacob, to Latrelle, Wilson and Tomeka. You’ll know if Sissy gets out of jail. And who set the fire at Bubba’s? And how dear LaVonda works her magic on the masses! And how “Juanita” has at least has one clear moment.

I love you all — and if I get in trouble — I better have some lawyer fan (hopefully really cute) who will save my ass.

And as my Mama Merck used to say — “You can’t get blood from a turnip.”

And yes, as Sissy says, “It’ll all turn out…”

And as the Bible says, “The truth will set you free!”

Del Shores


April  24th,  Atlanta, GA       Actors Express
May  15th,  Dallas, TX          KD Studio / Lifewalk benefit
May  16th,  Dallas, TX             KD Studio
May 21st,  Los Angeles, CA    Zephyr Studio


Del Shores on Facebook   Del Shores on MySpace



Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King – Y’ep! We’re Gay!


Remember when Liberace came out?

Everyone already knew! Same thing with Siegfried & Roy, Suzie Orman and even Clay Aiken. Once they finally came out of the closet it was no shock to the gay community.

Rumours have swirled for years about Oprah and Gayle being lesbian lovers – some have even said Stedman is  gay!

Last Sping both Gayle and Oprah said they were not lesbians, nor were they lovers!  not that there is anything wrong with that!

IUC (Ian Undercover) has learned that Oprah is seriously contemplating  taking a page from her former talk show rival, Rosie O’Donnell, and finally coming out as a lesbian shortly after she gives up her talk show.

NY Times bestselling author/filmmaker Ian Halperin specializes in undercover investigations.  He says “During my undercover investigation posing as a gay actor in Hollywood a couple of years ago,  the most frequently cited closet case by those in the know did not reside in Los Angeles but in Chicago, none other than the queen of daytime television.”


“Get real,” dished a prominent Hollywood poker playing group of industry pros who call themselves the ‘Queers of the Round Table.’ “Only those in the fly over states still believe Oprah is straight.”

Both Oprah and Gayle denied being lesbian lovers a few years ago, sort of. In an interview with Oprah’s O Magazine, Gayle said, “The truth is, if we were gay, we would so tell you, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.” Oprah’s comment was a similar non-denial denial: “I’ve told nearly everything there is to tell. All my stuff is out there. People think I’d be so ashamed of being gay that I wouldn’t admit it? Oh, please. “  Gayle did admit, “If Oprah were a man, I would marry her.” Tellingly, the denials prompted Rosie O’Donnell herself to speculate that the couple were probably lesbians even if they’re “not doing it,” saying that she thought Oprah and Gayle were “a little bit gay.”

“I have been trying to track down the gay rumors about Gayle and Oprah for ages and, although I have never seen them in bed together or interviewed somebody who claims to have had sex with either one of them,  I am now told by someone close to her production company that Oprah feels it important to come clean about her relationship “when the time is right,”  and that Oprah herself has speculated that she will follow Rosie’s path of waiting until shortly after her talk show ends.”
“Look for her to go on Barbara Walters a week or two after her show is off the air,” she says.