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Mens Hair Loss Solutions Specialist

Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration
With (FUE) Follicular Unit Extraction And Surgical Robotic Technology


International lecturer and teacher, Dr. William Yates, M.D., Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon, breaks through the old stereotypes of hair loss and hair transplant and brings Chicago’s North Shore the very latest cutting edge technological advancements in the field, offering patients an array of state-of-the-art facial and hair restoration services. He is a world-renowned expert in Follicular Unit Extraction.

(* Dr Yates is in Chicago but see’s patients from all over the US. You may even qualify for special discounted  travel arrangements.)

He is so passionate and confident the Follicular Unit Extraction technique is superior to traditional methods; he only performs this highly skilled technique for hair transplantation.

Dr. Yates specialized skills make him one of the elite surgeons to educate and train other physicians to perform this specialized technique both locally and internationally.

What is FUE?

While performed under local anesthesia, the hair or follicular units are individually harvested or punched from the back of the scalp or donor area in the hands of Dr. Yates using whatever instrument is best for his patient to obtain optimal results. He utilizes the most advanced ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System or various manual, hand-held instruments to delicately punch out each individual hair follicle.

The camera system and algorithms in place with the robot or Dr. Yates skilled eyes and hands, choose the most robust hairs to remove for transplantation. With the traditional strip method for hair transplantation, not only do you have to take all hairs (even weak hair), the patient also incurs a painful cut, stitches and scar that they have to live with and conceal the rest of their lives.

Dr. Yates utilizes state of the art biological solutions such as Hypothermosol and ATPv (adenosine triphosphate) to store, protect and ensure optimal survival of these valuable grafts while awaiting transplant into the balding areas of the scalp for both men and women.

The finishing touch is completed by Dr. Yates artistic ability to create a natural hairline and hair density in his patient’s areas of thinning throughout the scalp. He uses micro-incisions to create sites to place each individual follicular unit, which will grow into a natural, undetectable pattern over the next year.

The results – – Phenomenal, Natural, Permanent Hair that patients can style anyway they desire without a scar in the back of the scalp. It’s cutting edge methodology like this that separates Dr. Yates’ concierge practice from the cookie cutter competition, who still rely on the antiquated guesswork with a scalpel from when they started 30 years ago.


“It’s permanent and not many people can do it right,” says Dr. Yates. “This is the investment that lasts.”

If someone is unable to shave the back of his or her scalp for FUE, he also has an answer for this. Dr. Yates is able to creatively trim the hair so that the donor area is completely concealed and you can return to work immediately without any visible signs of a procedure.
Dr. Yates is also very skilled at restoring facial hair such as beards, mustaches, goatees and eyebrows.

He also performs recovery and repair work on patients who have had multiple, visible scars; old-fashioned and undesirable plug procedures; and creative body hair (beard, chest, back hair) harvesting for transplantation for individuals who are “tapped out” of donor hair in the back of their scalp.


State of the Art

Non-Surgical Options…


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
This therapy has been FDA approved and utilized for over 30 years for advanced wound healing. Now, we are seeing exciting results with PRP for hair growth. A patient’s blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets to a specific concentration effective for hair growth. The platelets are then activated and injected back into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles. This process stimulates the body’s own growth factors and stem cells to slow hair loss, reverse miniaturized hair to produce a strong, visible hair again, and if used at the time of a hair transplant, it encourages faster graft growth. This has been very effective for both men and women.

Stromal Vascular Fraction or Stem Cell Therapy with Fat Transfer
Adult stem cells are most concentrated in our bodies in bone marrow and even more so in fat tissue or adipose. Dr. Yates is able to harvest these fat cells and concentrate and purify them in a centrifuge system. He then combines the fat cells with PRP to inject into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and stabilize further hair loss. This process offers even more benefits than just PRP alone by replacing the lost layer of subcutaneous fat in the scalp where the hair follicle thrives.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP)
With SMP, pigment is used on the scalp to create the appearance of real hair follicles recreating hairlines, adding the appearance of density to thinning areas and covering unsightly scars. This advanced solution for hair loss replicates real shaven hair follicles on the scalp. The appearance is so realistic that it actually looks like you have hair. We know how the hair should look when pigmented, because that’s all we do everyday – HAIR! If someone has limited donor hair and has been told they were not a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure, they now have a great option! This is perfect for those who wear a very closely cropped hairstyle!

Hair Styling for Thinning Hair

Since hair loss affects so many people and everyone’s self-esteem, Dr. Yates even offers an onsite Licensed Cosmetologist with over 17 years of experience. She studied in Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, New York, Miami and Chicago. She specializes in styling and educating patients to look their best if they suffer with hair loss.


Someone doesn’t have to be bald to feel the confidence shaking reality of hair loss. For many, it can appear as a lack of volume and expanding thinness. Slowly, their scalp becomes more apparent through the diminishing volume of their hair. Dr. Yates can stop that hair loss in its tracks and reduce the appearance of thinning hair for men and women using the most advanced treatments available in the industry.


When hair transplantation is done correctly by a proficient surgeon, the results look so natural that nobody would know you had a procedure. To achieve the best, natural, and attractive results, you need a meticulous surgeon with proven results.

The team at Yates Hair Science Group delivers the best care and quality everyday and are recognized leaders in the field.

565 Lakeview Parkway Suite 108
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

50 E Washington, Suite 200,Chicago, IL 60602
PHONE: 312-261-0872 or visit them online at


Sao Paulo Sauna 269 Chilli Pepper

Brazilian Gay Sauna and Hotel was included in Louis Vuitton Travel Guide.

The top French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has included Hotel and Sauna 269 Chilli Pepper in its new edition of the tour guides.

The Louis Vuitton travel guides offer tips for those who want to know the 15 hottest destinations in the world, including Sao Paulo.

269 Chilli Pepper is the biggest and the best hotel for single men in Latin America. Created by businessman Douglas Drumond, the enterprise has 2,3 thousand square meters and is located at Largo do Arouche, downtown São Paulo, brazilian largest city.

The place offers 5 suites, 124 single rooms at its three floors, as well as 369 lockers for local visitors. Showers and jacuzzis working with filtered water, two ofuros, a winter swimming pool with waterfall, and a summer pool, ionized with sand filter.




There is also a 60 square meters steam room and cooled indoor pool (with filtered water) and a dry sauna designed with ergonomic benches. Chilli also counts on a L-shaped lounge bar with seven square meters, furnished by acclaimed designer Philippe Starck, where several drinks and snacks are served. The second floor houses Mini Cine Cabaret, with a special selection of gay-themed movies. This is the hotel’s sexiest floor, where glory alleys, “Love Corner” lounge and “Surprise Surprise” space are located.

Still at the first floor, the hotel has a charming boutique which offers products by sex shop Alizée, books, E.S Collection speedos and shorts, in addition to exclusive clothes from 269 brand, designed by stylist Rafael Vicente. Besides that, Chilli Pepper’s first floor gains party atmosphere with setlist signed by top DJ Anderson Noise. Sporadically parties take place, and encounters among different tribes happen daily.

Single rooms have soft siliconized-fiber pillows, which guarantees guests a wonderful night sleep. Probel mattresses are very confortable and made in 100% cotton fabric. Sheets, bedspreads and towels are by Topázio brand, an assurance of sophistication.

At 269 Chilli Pepper, single men can definitely find what they look for, at any time and with confort, safety and hygiene. All areas have been developed for the better service to goers, ensuring intense moments of rest and leisure. The hotel can be found at Louis Vuitton’s City Guide SP.

269 Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

Largo do Arouche, 610 (Corner with Jaguaribe Street) Santa Cecília – São Paulo/SP

Phone: (11) 3331-3336
Website :




Gay Travel Deal to Iceland’s Gay Pride in August

Reykjavik Excursions is   offering a special package for revelers visiting Reykjavik ICELAND  next month for gay pride. The Icelandic gay society is small but very active and a ‘gay scene’ exists only in Reykjavík. Last year over 40,000  turned out for Pride!  The official program for this years event can be viewed online .

Reykjavik gay pride is expected to be especially prideful and extravagant this year as it celebrates Iceland’s recently-approved gay marriage law. The parade and festival takes place over four days, August 5-8.

Book travel now to be a part of this historic event. The travel deal includes a three-night stay at the chic Hilton Reykjavik Nordica hotel and A Sense of Reykjavik tasting tour. The Hilton Reykjavik Nordica hotel is situated in the city’s financial district and just minutes from the city center by complimentary shuttle bus. It features a traditional Nordic spa and gourmet dining in its VOX restaurant. – Iceland is all about  Spa’s, Wellness and the famous Blue Lagoon!

The tour, managed by Reykjavik Excursions , includes a guided walking tour of the city center and stops at three light gourmet shops. The tour ends by the often-busy fishing harbor.

Iceland’s gay marriage law went into effect last month and replaces the country’s system of registered partnerships for gay and lesbian couples first enacted in 1996.  Lots of Gay Iceland News and Resources can be found at  GAY ICE .

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Gay Ski Week in ANDORRA! Just Weeks Away!

The 2nd Annual Gay Ski Week in Andorra
is just a few weeks  away!

March 21-28, 2010.

Andorra is a small country nestled  between  Spain and France and offers some great skiing, shopping and one of the most amazing  Spa’s  I have ever seen! You have to fly into Barcelona, Spain  or Toulouse, France.  Then it’s a couple hours  away, up into the mountains of Andorra.

And March is a great time to go.  USUALLY, not too cold.  Last year when we were there, one day the air  was so warm, we actually  took off our coats and shirts for a bit and soaked up the sunshine and sipped a glass of wine on the slopes! Andorra has a high mountain climate with Mediterranean influences. Temperatures are low in the winter and mild in the summer, with significant variations depending on altitude and orientation.Andorra has a high percentage of sunshine and a generally dry climate.

Andorra truly has some breathtaking mountains!  We stood in awe at the Grand Valira ski resort/station, from the base of the mountains, looking towards the top, which must have stretched 2+ miles…skiers looked like ants moving down the hills!  Equally as beautiful, but much smaller was the Vallnord resort/station.

Even if you don’t ski, there is lots to do. Snow mobiling, sled rides, bike skis other fun activities. And when you are not on slopes, you might be shopping. 

Since there is no income  tax  and lots of duty free, Andorra is a great place to shop. Electronics, prestigious  fine jewelry and even fashion and perfumes, are much lowere than in some countries.  The products that can be imported into Spain or France are tax free up to certain limits and must be declared when they exceed a specific amount. For example, visitors over the age of 15 who buy durable products worth more than 525 € must pay duty before taking them to Spain or France.  

When you are done skiing and shopping, you need a  SPA! And one of the most beautiful spa’s I have ever seen is  here!  CALDEA SPA.  is AMAZING! It’s like something out of a Busby Berkeley movie!

Designed by the architect Jean-Michel Ruols – is fruit of the will of the community (town council) of Escaldes-Engordany to make use of the richness of the territory’s thermal water, with a philosophy different to that of traditional health resorts: thermoludism. The concept was entirely innovative and avoids use of the therapeutic properties of thermal water.

Thermoludism is the use of the properties and benefits of thermal water to rest, recuperate vitality and well-being. The water at different temperatures procures authentic gymnastic toning for the body, and the thermal water help psychic rebalance.

So what are you waiting for?!

You book a plane to Barcelona and ORIGINAL ANDORRA GAY TRAVEL SPECIALISTS will customize your gay week in Andorra!

Right now, they have  a  package  for  899 euros.

Hotel, meals, ski pass, ski school, rentals, transfer and parties included!


This years host hotel is is the Hotel Rutllan. Other choices available as well. It will be a wonderful week, and very reasonably priced!

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Gay Andorra – LGBT Summer Glamour Party Week June 14 – 21 – Party in Andorra Pyrenees


Hopefully you read our article last week about how wonderful the country of Andorra is! Nestled between Spain and France, this country has a lot to see and do if you want, or just relax and enjoy it’s beauty. An estimated 10 million tourists visit annually, attracted by Andorra’s duty-free status and by its summer and winter resorts. Anorra is Europes 6th smallest country. Vatican is the big little winner. Then comes Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Malta.

This week, we explore more in depth what the country has to offer visitors as they prepare for the
LGBT Summer Glamour Party June 14 – 21.

One of the BEST SPA’S we have ever seen!  CALDEA SPA.  This place is AMAZING! It’s like something out of a Busby Berkeley movie!
Designed by the architect Jean-Michel Ruols – is fruit of the will of the community (town council) of Escaldes-Engordany to make use of the richness of the territory’s thermal water, with a philosophy different to that of traditional health resorts: thermoludism. The concept was entirely innovative and avoids use of the therapeutic properties of thermal water. Thermoludism is the use of the properties and benefits of thermal water to rest, recuperate vitality and well-being. The water at different temperatures procures authentic gymnastic toning for the body, and the thermal water help psychic rebalance.

There is a huge indoor lagoon with several different baths and bubbles to enjoy. Cascading steps take you into a large pool and a   “river” which you can follow to even more pools outside! An entire world of aquatic areas, aerobaths and hydromassage. There is an Islandic bath, AquaMassage area, Sirocco hot air bath, Sauna’s, Hammam with vaporisation, Infrared relaxing areas, Grapfruit pool and even swim up bars for refreshments. You pay one fee, which is about 30 euros and you can use all of these areas for about 4 hours.

They also offer many treatments like different kinds of massages, facials, beauty treatments and a Chocotherapy where they massage scrub and cover the body with Germaine de Capuccini products

I  think that would make me hungry…

In the evening they offer some special rates, the lights come on and  you are treated to Mondaigua, a multimedia show created by Comediants. Mondaigua is a show that celebrates the union between fire and water, two elements which make Caldea a thermoludic centre designed to improve personal  wellbeing. Comediants has thought up and designed much more than a traditional sound and light show: automatisms, magical elements, pyrotechnics, projections, light play, special smoke effects, soap bubbles…it’s really something to see!  You must go to the Caldea site gallery and see all of the beautiful photographs of this place.  It’s like Disneyland for adults. Honestly, this place is probably the most amazing spa set up I have ever seen.

Speaking of Disneyland, THE  WORLDS  LARGEST TOBOGGAN ROLLER COASTER is in Andorra! 

Tobotronc is the world’s largest, longest and most spectacular toboggan track. Situated on the La Rabassa mountain, the toboggan track not only has the advantage of being high up, yet also provides those who do not need to keep their eyes fixed on the track at all times with the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular La Rabassa forest scenery, which surrounds the mountain.

The track is 5200 meters long and  riders are entrusted with braking themselves!  It’s  about a 6 minute ride and lots of fun, winter or summer!

In the Summer, there are lots of outdoors activities that you can take advantage of. For years the Andorran tourist industry was focused exclusively on winter sports. Now though people have realized in the summer, the hills are alive! And tourists come to enjoy the great outdoors and beauty of the land.

What is so wonderful here is the unspoiled nature of Andorra. There are no overhead planes,  no sirens, no billboards blocking your views, no humidity…just a little slice of heaven! All you hear is crickets and birds! Hiking, golfing, mountain biking, horse riding, dune buggy rides (on smugglers route) and more allow you to explore the scenic hills of Andorra. You can even scuba dive in the moutain lakes!


SHOPPING of course is big here like I mentioned, because of the duty free tax status. Andorra’s commercial tradition is famous worldwide thanks to its 2,000 modern boutiques and shops, its quality products, its competitive prices and its flexible hours. Although there are shops in the entire country, most are concentrated in Andorra la Vella, the capital, Escaldes-Engordany, and Pas de la Casa. There are several large shopping centres in Sant Julià de Lòria.

The main fashion and accessories shops, perfumeries and the most prestigious jewellery and watch brands are found on Avenida Meritxell in Andorra la Vella and on the Avenida Carlemany in Escaldes–Engordany.

PYRENEES ANDORRA is a must-see. It is their big “mall”. It is a huge collection  of  “department stores” located at Avinguda Meritxell, 11, AD500 Andorra la Vella. Every major designer is represented here, and then some.

3 floors of fashion and clothes, a huge cosmetic and fragrance floor, technology, sporting goods, books, music, things for the home and a very nice grocery market with  everything you could possibly want, from a tube of toothpaste to imported meats and cheeses, plus a wine and liquor depart that spans a city block!

When you are ready to plan a trip here, don’t call your travel agent, and don’t try to do it online.  ORIGINAL ANDORRA are the specialists in the area and they know everything, inside and out. They put together an assortment of packages priced right and are happy to custom make a package to whatever you are looking for.  They have made plans to host 2 GAY WEEKS each year, one for skiing in the winter (which we just got back from in March)  and a summer Gay Week June  14th-21st. They are wonderful to work with and will make sure you have a great trip!

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