Gay Buenos Aires Argentina


It doesn’t get much hotter than the passionate, piquant Argentine capital!

Buenos Aires is really coming into its fabulous own, with a spicy gay nightlife,
progressive gay-rights laws and a strong and vocal gay and lesbian movement.
And the recently devalued Argentine peso will make for a visit that’s both enriching
and cheap!  In this city you will find a mix between the elegance of the Europe capitals
and the spirit of South America .   Visiting Buenos Aires, you will experience a sort of
“deja vù”
of Europe while you explore the grand boulevards, expansive parks,
magnificent architecture, and ever-changing fashion of Argentina’s beautiful capital.
Buenos Aires is the city with the most freedom and openness for the homosexual community
in Latin America, and the first one to legally recognize the civil union of homosexuals.

Clive Sanders website editor of London Gay Times Travel says: “Buenos Aires is probably the most liberal and gay friendly city in Latin America. Here you will find a large and sophisticated gay scene.


We were very impressed with Buenos Aires which has a gay scene that we felt compared very favorably to any similar sized city in Europe or North America. There are loads of gay bars, restaurants and clubs, several saunas and even a raunchy sex club. the only down side is that being a Latin country everything is of course really late and most bars don’t get started until well after midnight.”


There is much to see and do in Buenos Aires!
Shopping, restaurant great museums and architecture! Argentina’s buzzing Buenos Aires has
turned into a top Latin American destination for homosexual tourists, as the capital gets its
gay-friendly message out to lure fresh revenue.

The recent designation of the city as Latin America’s first host of a homosexual football World Cup and an opening of a wine bar catering to gays are some of the latest effects of Buenos Aires’s rising star. The tourism office lists “gay” addresses and themed circuits around the city, particularly in San Telmo, the historic tango neighbourhood. About 20 businesses in the quarter, including the new wine bar, are part of the initiative.

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