Gay Winter Travel


But    the     men    are     so       delightful!

As cold air hits many of us, thoughts turn to warm weather travel –  unless you want to go skiiing.

Miami will be ahot spot, especially  Feb  28 – March 5th, as they celebrate the Annual Winter Party!
Winter PartySM Festival is a celebration of social and cultural events (including art, dance, music, comedy, sports and more) benefiting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The week of events culminates with The Beach Party, a world-class dance party attended by over 5,400 visitors in the hottest destination in the United States – South Beach. Approximately 10,000 participants from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia attend the 6-day celebration.

MEXICO is another gay favorite in the winter. Mexico City, Cancun, Los Cabos, and my favorite, Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallartas gay identify was formed in the mid 1990’s with gay folks arriving from San Francisco and the Canadian west cost to open business celebrate the happiness of life and enjoy the splendid weather. Before the 1990’s Vallarta was one of Mexico’s most conservative resorts area.  

Acapulco’s gay life  took hold in the 1950’s when the rich and famous made Acapulco the place to be. Unfortunately in the mid 1990’s Acapulco’s gay friendly attitude soured due to a number of pedophiles that took advantage of the libertine atmosphere. Police crackdowns along with corruption has made the town uncomfortable for gay men, most of who just wanted to enjoy the beautiful beach. 














Cancun is developing a gay life of its own but, the bars are far apart and you can only get to by taxi.The days of the forty-dollar a day hotel room next to the beach are long gone. But our experts are driven to get you the best possible value and will continue to do so. Mexican beach resorts areas are most active during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years season and Easter. The Easter week holiday is one of the largest for Mexican vacationers, if you decide to go at this time of the year reserve your room early and you will have the time of your life with the Mexican party boys and girls.

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