Gay Switzerland


I have never been to Switzerland, but it looks picture perfect! I came across a little book recently –
It’s Only Natural – from  myswitzerland   and it was all about gay and lesbian travel in
Switzerland. It looks amazing! Ritzy Geneva, fairytale towns like Lucerne, and sophisticated Zurich.

Switzerland is a very conservative country but now has very progressive laws on homosexuality.
The gay scene is centred in Zurich and Geneva where there are many bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants,
saunas and organisations. –  The age of consent here is 16! Oh my!


A good guide to the city can be found at Zuri-Gay and also at  Gay Agenda.    Zurich is the bigest town and
hence, the biggest gay scene. A stroll through the picturesque Old Town with its historic defence and civic buildings, the Stein castle ruins, the Stadtturm (town tower) and of course the splendid Tagsatzungssaal (Meeting Hall) is impressive at any time of the year. Besides the active nightlife, with its clubs and bars,
Zürich is host to a number of cultural events for gays, such as the “Warmer Mai” (Gay May) festival,
featuring, among other things, the Swiss gay and lesbian film festival, Pink Apple. There are parties in
Zürich seven days a week; from the legendary Weekend Nights at the Labyrinth Club to the large-scale mainstream white and black parties staged by the Angels,
there is a club and event to suit each and every taste. 


Whether you want the majesty of the high Alps or a Mediterranean flair, a cosmopolitan city or unspoiled countryside: Every part of Switzerland has its own distinctive character. These regional variations are part of what makes Switzerland so special. But from what I have seen, it looks so unpolluted and unspoiled and
picture perfect, you just expect Julie Andrews to pop out at any minute! Seriously, the landscape looks as breathtaking as it did 40 years ago! Pack my liederhossen!  Let’s go!