Gay San Diego – Not So Sleepy Anymore

famous ZOO PARTY!

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                      for information on the Zoo party go to Powerhouse!

Some Like It Hot.

A red trolley or taxi will take you from the skyscrapers of downtown to the Mexican border where
 the bargain hunter’s mecca of Tijuana awaits. Enjoy the museums, concerts, cafes, aquarium,
and the country’s most exquisite zoo in downtown Balboa Park, (Balboa Park is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!
You could spend a day here sightseeing!) or visit the “Old Town” for a flavor of San Diego’s origins.
Or, just experience the haunting fragrance of eucalyptus as the sea mists sweep in over the cliffs
and shroud the ancient Torre pines with the roar of the surf. – There’s lots of gay nightlife in SD too! 
In and around Hillcrest.

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With more and more gay people moving to San Diego, the same thing could happen here like it
did in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s worth checking out! Art, cluture, gay community, perfect weather and hot men!