BRAVO picks up Kathy Griffin and she’s on tour!


                                                OK – So how does Kathy Griffin end up on  a  gay travel site?

Well, she’s from Chicago, my home base; we adore her; gays love her; and she’s on tour traveling!
See the connection?!

I just read today she has renewed with BRAVO for a third season and was so excited, I wanted to share  the information! Plus, she’s coming to Chicago in March so I am double – excited!

Bravo announced the  official season three order for the Emmy nominated series The D-List in December. Somehow I missed that Press Release…..Frances Berwick, of Bravo was quoted: “Kathy’s unique style of comedy is brilliantly showcased with this series, and the new season will continue to show her D-List life in hilarious Technicolor.” A six-episode rollout is slated for summer 2007. 

There’s lots of great info on Kathy’s Website.
Including tour dates!

She’ll be all over the Midwest – Ohio, Michigan, some dates in Las Vegas, and CHICAGO.
In Chicago, she’ll be at the newly opened and renovated gorgeous LASALLE THEATRE
March 23rd and 24th.

            Kathy and her “gays”:

Kathy Griffin knows gay men. The stand-up comic and darling of situation comedies from “Seinfeld” to “The Drew Carey Show,” Griffin has always embraced (maybe even French kissed) her loyal and enthusiastic gay audience.

She has volunteered at AIDS fund-raisers for many years. – “Do those things get sickening after a while because they are so not about the disease, or are people really focused on why they are there?”

I would say its a little of everything. When you are dealing with the AIDS organizations, a lot of thosee people are very personally touched by that disease. My gripe is I have a big problem with where that money really goes. And I have to say, after 9/11 it was a big wake-up call for everybody. What bothers me is that charities aren’t run like businesses at all. People aren’t accountable. The people that run these charities get giant salaries. I don’t want to do a charity event that is going to cost $100,000 to put on, end they make $100,000. That’s what pisses me off. You know what my least favorite phrase in the charity world is? “Portions of the proceeds.” I don’t like that phrase. How much is going where, and when is someone going to check up on it?

For more on Kathy and her Gays read the Frontiers interview!

You tell em girl!  We  love you because you tell it like it is!

Catch Kathy in town near year you!