I just want to get out of here!

I have friends who just got back from Puerto-Vallarta, friends going to New Orleans next week, and  friends heading to Miami for Winter Party in 2 weeks! And I am stuck here in the cold, righting about warm and glamourous places!

CALIFORNIA is my favorite state. It’s really breathtakingly beautiful. And Spring is such a great time to go to PALM SPRINGS.


Dual Dinah Shore rosters ( & ) will feminize P.S. from March 28 to April 1, just before the infamous White Party ( ) rearranges the circuitry April 6-9. For alt-music lovers, the behemoth Coachella Valley Music Festival (with rumors this year of a Bowie show) is in nearby Indio from April 27 to 29.

There are great gay places to stay in Palm Springs – and many are clothing optional. It’s so hot there, you know….. But if you’re going for an enent weekend, like White Party, prices double and it’s most likely sold out already for this year. Crowds swell to 20,000. It’s a boyfest!


Gay Palm Springs has been referred to by many as a new Gay Mecca. The city boasts a very large and diverse Gay resident population and has become a prime travel destination from the West coast (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle), Midwest, Northeast, Southwest, as well as internationally. More and more Gay visitors from the Pacific Rim, Europe and South America are discovering Palm Springs’ Gay-friendly spirit.


There is something truly special about Gay Palm Springs beyond its beautiful oasis setting in the arid Southern California desert. The Greater Palm Springs area has more Gay and Gay-Friendly restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, retailers and other businesses than any other one gay destination. Here in Palm Springs, more than anywhere else, Gay men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds and places visit and are welcomed by the community.

In fact, Palm Springs during the last five (5) years has experienced an explosion of new Gay residents and new Gay businesses. The resident Gay population is now estimated at 40 percent of the population. Gays are welcomed in Gay-friendly Palm Springs.

So if anyone is going there, and need a travel guide, I am very knowledgable and won’t take up much room!