largest Gay Parade in the world takes place this Sunday (10th) along 4km of Avenida Paulista in São Paulo city. The parade started in 1997 with around 2000 people, grew to over 2 million people in 2005, and 3 million last year. The parade includes a mix of both homosexual and heterosexuals, both involved in the parade and as an audience to it, protesting against racism, homophobia and male chauvinism. Around 1 million evangelical Christians have tried to steal some of the parade’s thunder by marching on Avenida Paulista yesterday, protesting against homosexuality. 


São Paulo is a MegaCity in South America. In addition to being the third largest metropolitan area in the world, it is also the weathiest and most commercial center in the southern hemisphere.

São Paulo has an excellent gay life. Over 40 bars, clubs and saunas. Please note, that some saunas are frequented by rent boys so agree a price before you have fun! 

Sao Paulo and its rival Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro, have often been compared to New York and Los Angeles respectively. If Rio has gained fame for its striking natural setting, Sao Paulo’s attraction lies in its people and its vibrant cultures. The Avenida Paulista’s canyon of upthrusting skyscrapers only hints at the city’s sources of energy. A more cosmopolitan city than its counterpart, Sao Paulo possesses significant ethnic minority communities, including substantial Japanese, Italian, and Arab and Lebanese Christian neighbourhoods.