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Naked Places, A Guide for Gay Men to Nude Recreation and Travel-
Naked Places is the gay mans guide to nude recreation around the world, with emphasis on sites
in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Inside, youll find information
on nude beaches, hot springs and other natural areas that are popular with gay men, complete
with detailed directions. Additionally, there are profiles of about 200 gay resorts, inns,
guesthouses, campgrounds and other accommodations where you wont need to pack a swimsuit
for the pool and hot tub. Brand new for the 5th edition, about 500 nude beach listings include latitude and longitude coordinates. With this information, you can get a bird’s eye view of these
sites using the stunning technology of Google Earth (TM). Planning a European vacation? 100
pages of the book is devoted to the wealth of nude beaches in France, Spain, Greece and 18 other European countries. Open these pages and open the door to a whole world of Naked Places!

Spartacus International 2007 – SPARTACUS INTERNATIONAL GAY offers rapid orientation to
all the most important locations for the gay tourist: addresses, tips, and information for more than 160 countries worldwide. With over 22 000 addresses the SPARTACUS covers all the highlights for
the gay man, Whether you are looking for an extraordinary hotel, the hottest clubs the most
exciting gay beaches or the most popular bars, you will find all this and much more. 1200 pages!
Hot off the press!