Much like QUEER AS FOLK and other European imports, British sketch comedy stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams are planning to adapt their hit series “Little Britain” for U.S. television, a spokesman for the actors said this week.

The two, whose outrageously embellished stereotypes have had Britons roaring with laughter and sometimes horrified for four years, will appear in six half-hour episodes on HBO, the channel which promoted “The Sopranos” and fellow Briton Ali G.

They have a wealth of characters to choose from, including proudly gay Welshman Dafydd who is outraged whenever his status as the “only gay in the village” is threatened and teenage delinquent mother Vicky Pollard, whose truculent reply to authority has become part of the modern British lexicon.

“Yeah, but no, but yeah, but…”

“We’re very keen to take Little Britain to as wide an audience as possible, so we’re looking forward to working in the States,” Walliams said.

The U.S. series will be executive produced by the one and only mastermind Simon Fuller, who was behind the Spice Girls and American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, and etc. etc. –  described the new series as “something original and definitive”.

“The show is an absolute smash everywhere it is seen and I am certain it is going to be loved by a U.S. TV audience as well,” Fuller said.

But it remains to be seen whether U.S. audiences will take to characters which could also include a ruthless fake invalid, a middle-aged matron who projectile vomits when her conservative values are offended, a bumbling and unscrupulous hypnotist as well as a grown man whose mother still breastfeeds him.

My guess, the gays will love it!