after he was mauled. 

What next? They’re going to tell us Liberace was gay?

Seriously though, it’s not as though it was a big secret, really. Siegfried avoided answering the question in a 1999 Vanity Fair interview, and here in Vegas the pair have never had any presence in the gay community outside of buying ads in the program book of a major AIDS fund-raising show. Yet  MGM Mirage spokesman Alan Feldman said the night of the tiger attack, he was frank: “It’s well-known that they were lovers at one time,” shrugged Feldman, whose company owns the Mirage Hotel and Casino, “I don’t think anybody is hiding that.” Similarly, that 1999 Vanity Fair article–headlined, by the way, “Married, With Tigers” included a quote from the duo’s pal Shirley MacLaine that acknowledged their past romantic involvement. And in Siegfried’s first solo interview, with CNN’s Larry King five days after the mauling, Siegfried himself confirmed with considerable emotion that his connection to Roy “is a relationship second to none” in his life.

It will be nice to actually hear it from THEM. We’ve all known it, but it’s nice they’re going to admit and discuss it. I’m also eager to hear the story of Roy’s stroke and recovery. It’s been WAY too long since their last book. I had the pleasure of working for them for about 7 years, as a freelance writer. They never once discussed their private lives in front of me, so I have nothing revealing to share. They were very wonderful  to work for and it was an honor for me to work with such celebrity royalty!

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