Don’t Cry For Me Argentina…Gay Buenos Aires

  /images/39531-36457/argentinawhitestatue1.jpg” width=250> Buenos Aires is becoming a VERY popular gay travel destination. Is probably one of the most open-minded cities in Latin America. It’s  a  city with the most freedom and openness for the homosexual community in Latin America, and the first one to legally recognize the civil union of homosexuals.It has also an European feel, but very cheap because of the crisis. The guys are very hot, a mix of Italian, some Spaniards, German, French, English.


Andrew Collins author or several gay guides and Foddors Gay Guide, sustains in an online article published in OutUK: “This isn’t a let-it-all-hang-out party place like Rio. Rather, in Buenos Aires, lesbians and gay men socialize on a fairly low-keyed level, often in the city’s many trendy outdoor cafes and stylish restaurants – plus a decent number of gay bars. While you won’t necessarily encounter a Castro- or Chelsea-like gay playground where same-sex couples stroll hand-in-hand, you will find that residents of Buenos Aires accept gays and lesbians as a natural component of the urban fabric.”

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The GAY WORLD CUP recently played Buenos Aires and hosted 500 footballers from 28 countries. This was the first time the gay World Cup has been played in Latin America and it is enjoying the support of the Argentine Football Association – something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. But Buenos Aires is fast earning a reputation as a gay-friendly city and its love for football is second to none.