New York Living – Jade Jagger Style


Look out New York,  Jade Jagger has created laid-back luxury condo residences in the heart of Chelsea!
16 W. 19th street is the location for Jagger’s  POD LIVING. Unveiled last fall, the building offers ‘pod living’ – a concept that provides a huge box to sit in your living space. When opened up, the pod offers bathroom, kitchen and closet utilities.

At the Jade, New York’s great downtown loft tradition gets a modern twist with Pods: jewel-like lacquered boxes that seem to float in each residence. Enclosed within this single cube are your meticulously laid-out kitchen and bathroom. When opened, the Pod reveals a glamorous interplay of sparkling tiles, vivid colors and textures.


Some people say if you haven’t got any space already in your apartment, what’s the point of sticking a great big box there? –  It’s a good point – but does this reflect a new twist on ‘ready-to-use’ home improvement? Your thoughts? – I kind of like the idea of hiding the kitchen…maybe if you can hang art on the box, it might look less blah.

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