Does the FBI Think David Copperfield is Gay? Woman Brings Rape Charges

raided a Vegas storage warehouse belonging to illusionist David Copperfield and confiscated a computer hard drive, a digital camera memory chip, and $2 million in cash Thursday. But the creepy magician’s shady past certainly raises some red flags.
The raid took place at the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts, where Copperfield rehearses and stores props.

The FBI confirmed there was investigative activity at the warehouse on Wednesday, but would not disclose the nature of its investigation, saying only that it was part of a criminal probe based in Seattle. Fox News is reporting that the investigation is connected to a rape claim made against Copperfield by a Seattle woman: The woman told Seattle police the magician  raped her while she was in the Bahamas, sources said. Because the alleged incident happened abroad and the woman did not report it until she returned to the United States, Seattle authorities turned over the case to the FBI.

Copperfield, who made $57 million in 2005, has long denied rumors that he paid supermodel Claudia Schiffer to date him for six years, despite the fact that the father of the model’s subsequent boyfriend claimed Copperfield “never touched” her. He also vehemently denies the other persistent rumor surrounding him—that he’s as gay as fellow Vegas mainstays Siegfried and Roy.

“No self-respecting gay guy would have ever made some of the hair and clothing choices I am still trying to live down,” he’s said in defense of his heterosexuality. Right. It’s just as likely the FBI has taken an interest in perusing his hard drive for bikini pic outtakes from one of Schiffer’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoots.

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