RuPaul and Mike Ruiz Release StarrBooty Movie

RuPaul’s Starrbooty this fall. In an extremely low budget underground film trilogy starring and co-produced by then-unfamous drag queen/performer  RuPaul. Because it was frequently reproduced on a very low budget, various posters, advertisements and video covers alternate the spelling between “Starbooty” and “Starrbooty”.

Filmed on a zero-dollar-budget, the movies are a pastiche of 60s blaxploitation  films. RuPaul stars as Starbooty, a crime fighting federal agent who disposes of villains while getting entangled in romantic liaisons. At the time, RuPaul was still participating in a type of drag known as genderfuck; as such his appearance generally is of a man with feminine makeup and clothes, but no padding or taping to make the body look female.

Starrbooty is sexy, sassy and salacious. This movie is jam-packed with delicious dialogue, insane characters, outrageous costumes and gratuitous hair and make-up.

RuPaul says: “The goal here was to make an exploitation film that was part Russ Meyer, John Waters and “The Naked Gun” and we succeeded.”

Also seen in the movie are Lady Bunny, porn star/producer  Michael Lucas, and singer Ari Gold.
Watch the Starrboty trailer!.

Ru Paul Starrbooty Starbooty Turbo Tagger