Martha Stewart Does Macy’s – Is She Smoking Whitney’s Crack Pipe?

                           Last year she inked a deal with retail giant MACY’S. And the products are shipping to all the stores this month. The Martha Stewart Collection will feature  bed and bath furnishings, casual dinnerware, flatware, glassware, cookware, garden items, and of course, christmas ornaments. – The Centennial Great Tree at the Chicago Macy’s flagship store will be decked out with her kugel ornaments and the grand dame will be in Chicago for the tree lighting next week, November 10th. For years the giant 3-story tree has drawn crowds to Walnut Room during the holiday season.

Does the woman sleep? or have handfuls of little gay elves helping her do her daily work? She released a new book and then she got a MySpace page and updates it regularly. Then she got a Facebook page and is pretty into that too. Now Martha Stewart has a new standalone blog also which means that there are 3 blogs/networks  to update every week or few days. She seems to either have someone with her at all times to document what she does or she is pretty handy with a digital camera and a blogging platform. She shows pictures of all her weekends and trips and likes to hear from people about the new things she posts. I hope she reads the comments once in a while if someone else is posting all this for her. Next thing you know she’ll be a guest on NIP/TUCK!

*Sidenote – Martha Stewart’s  deal with Macy’s did not go down very well over at Kmart, which  stuck with Ms. Stewart through her trial, prison term and continuing quality problems while selling $1 billion of her products each year. Kmart consumers have been up in arms for years over problems with the Everyday line, most notably glass-topped patio tables that have a bad habit of shattering without warning.  At least one class action lawsuit has been filed charging that Martha Stewart’s company knew of the problem but failed to warn consumers.

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