Project Runway Fabulous Gay Designers, Scandal and Nude Chelsea Boys

     Steven Rosengard is actually from Chicago and I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple months ago while sunning at the beach. Since then I have tried to tempt him with liquor and libations but he remains tight lipped and won’t give me a single clue as to what will happen or what we can expect! Steven is a very charismatic and talented designer and Chicago will definately be rooting for him this season!

Project Rungay, is a blog by Two fabulously glamorous fags ripping the show they L-O-V-E to watch! Last week they uncovered nude photos of Jack Mackenroth! “Oh, Honeys. We knew this was going to happen. Don’t throw a fame-hungry Chelsea Muscle Mary  at us and think we’re NOT going to find his pictures. Puhleeze. We could smell the soft-core porn on him from 100 miles away.” – Jack has been in various swimwear campaigns and fitness magazines.