Puerto Vallarta Mexico Latin Fever and Vallarta Fever

Club Manana (the hottest gay club in Puerto Vallarta) launched Vallarta Fever in association with Naked Sword. It was a great week of parties with lots of great entertainment, porn stars, and hot men!

  Diana’s Gay Cruise. WHAT A GREAT TIME! Now in her 8th year she offers cruises 10am-5pm one or two days  a week, depending on the season.  $75, continental breakfast, snacks, unlimited beer and open bar (national brands), lunch on shore with a beer or beverage and snorkeling at several different stops throughout the day. It was a great day, a Thanksgiving Day to remember for sure, a beautiful tour of PV’s waterfront and Diana and her staff were awesome! – She just started a Monday night sunset cruise as well. Well worth checking out.

              Cafe’ des Artistes. This renowned cafe claims to be “one of the best restaurants in the world” and has the reviews to support that notion. Chef Thierry Blouet was recently named a Maitre Cuisenaire de France. The menu changes seasonally; a recent offering included grilled lamb chops cooked with local spices and balsamic vinegar, served with a garlic creme brulee. The desserts are also extraordinary. The self-described dress code is “dressy to casual,” but you may wish to dress up a bit. The patio is gorgeous and romantic – if you can get a seat out there!

While in Vallarta, someone had told us about  this restaurant called  EL ARRAYAN. They have been voted Best Mexican In Vallarta three years in a row  by Frommers Guide. And they serve RAICILLA. Raicilla, pronounced “rye-see-ya”, is the local moon shine. It is distilled in crude, primitive stills from a fermented mash made from the roots ( raicilla means “little root” ) of the maguey plant and usually more than 100 proof. Since it is produced without government license, and sold without government tax, it is illegal in the same sense that moonshine is illegal in the United States. Its production is one of the traditional local arts, and it is found only in this area.