Las Vegas becoming the New Los Angeles?


Las Vegas is becoming the star-studded playground, more and more every year!
Hollywood’s  young  A-listers like Paris Hilton, Sean Combs and Brad Pitt are hanging out here more and even buying condos and residences here.

The bankrupt
PLANET HOLLYWOOD has even resurfaced (in the old Aladdin Hotel) ! One hundred restaurants went belly up in 2001 and investers lost $1 billion. But Las Vegas could be different. Hip, modern, decidedly dramatic, and the centerpiece of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is more than the newest hotel in town. It’s the shopping, dining and gambling destination of choice for the city that celebrates celebrity. And to show they mean business. Babs was hired (for a rumoured $1 million, for the grand opening a few weeks ago.)

Streisand performed at the grand opening of the new gambling and hotel complex, on the same stage where Pamela Anderson usually appears in Hans Klok’s weekend magic shows.(That show just closed by the way.)

A couple videos can be seen  HERE  and  HERE


Speaking of magician  HANS  KLOK, allegedly, he has been seen around town with Siegfried, and not Roy. Klok was in town this year with his show, but the show just closed, so he will be returning home to be with his longtime male companion. – But no worries, they (Klok and Siegfried)  are just friends we are told. In fact, it has been said Siegfried has been working on  plans for a new house, that would also include a small theatre room, so that perhaps they could entertain celebrity friends with some close-up magic!

More details when we know them!

By the way, one of my readers stated that Siegfried & Roy were actually married when they met on the Bremen cruise ship in Germany in 1960…..They were married by the Captian of the TS Bremen.

The reader even went so far as to say  that
in the Hall of European Vital Records is a marriage license between

Siegfried and Roy. Hmmmmm.  Interesting. Can anyone verify that?   I don’t know…..