Brokeback Mountain Star Heath Ledger Dead at 28


In breaking news from the United States this morning, police have confirmed that Academy Award nominated actor Heath Ledger has died of a suspected drug overdose in New York.

He was 28.

The actor was found naked and unconscious in his $26,000-a-month Manhattan apartment, surrounded by prescription anti-anxiety and sleeping pills.

The New York Times reported Ledger was discovered by a masseuse who arrived at his apartment for an appointment.


Three bottles of prescription pills found in Heath Ledger’s Manhattan apartment in SoHo contained antidepressants and Ambien, a police source told  It ws said recently Ledger had been battling drug addiction and depression.

Ledger reportedly spent several days at a drug rehabilitation clinic, battling an addiction to heroin, after his split from fiancee Michelle Williams in September.

Ledger had just finished playing The Joker in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight — a role that looked certain to set him up financially for the rest of his life. 


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