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Our entertainment news has been well received, so we have decided to add a regular “gossip”  column  Friday feature which covers short newsbites from the entertainment world, on a weekly basis.

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I AM NOT ONE TO GOSSIP, BUT…’s  Friday and

For comedienne Joan Rivers, almost everything is fair game: race, sex, death and, of course, her life. That’s the subject on her latest project, an autobiographical play, Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress by a Life in Progress, which premiered this week at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.


“I’m truly working the best angle, and that’s age. Age has freed me — I don’t have to hold back on anything. I’ve never worked so strongly and so freely in my life. And that’s because I have nothing to lose. I’ve already been fired. I’ve already been bankrupt. I’ve already had the suicide. I’ve already had my daughter not talk to me for a while. I’ve already had all kinds of things taken from me. So I might as well say what I think,” River says.

Kathy Griffin  will not be hosting the GAYVN’s this month in San Francisco, but instead drag diva Lady Bunny will play hostess for the porn awards show. LB is the hardest working performer I know! We have been trying to get her for an interview for this site since last fall and she is constantly busy, jet-setting around the country performing and working on projects. She recently  shot the sequel for Another Gay Movie – Gays Gone Wild! Ru Paul will also make an appearance.

Gay-for-pay porn star bodybuilder Mark Dalton will remain in jail until at least January 2009. The Texas Dept. of Corrections Parole Board informed Dalton that his parole has been denied, with no appeal for one more year. He could serve until 2011! Can you just that hottie behind bars???


Hottie Channing Tatum has been cast as Duke in the upcoming film  G.I.Joe which will be out in 2009. HIs career is on fire! He has 3 movies coming out this year including one called the Stanford Prision Experiment with Ryan Phillipe! Now that’s an experiment I want to see! – He will also be in Oliver Stone’s  Pinkville, with Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson. Want to see Channing  nude??? Check out Billy Masters site!

The famous Times Square  Naked Cowboy is suing Mars, Inc. for using his trademark tighty-whities and guitar on a dancing M&M, and he says  that the company offered him $50,000 to shut up. But he sure as hell does not  plan to. Robert Burck aka Naked Cowboy — wants around $6 million from Mars, according to papers filed in Federal Court in New York. And he intends to wear his minimalist getup in open court — and says he wants his lawyer to do the same, just for solidarity!