Michael Lucas is Cleaning House And Selling His Clothes


going  going  gone!

Michael Lucas  has been liquidating his closets  at  his studio!

“After a week, we sold about forty percent of the old wardrobe which was used in our films like Dangerous Liaisons, The Intern, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, Gigolo, and others. Not only have we emptied half of the numerous racks piled in our studio, but so far we have made enough to finance an incredible wardrobe for our big, annual blockbuster set to be filmed this summer.

There was a wide variety of buyers, from label queens bidding only on Dolce & Gabana shoes and Hermes sweaters to fans bidding on heavily-used sneakers. And of course there was my favorite item that sold—my Calvin Klein underwear, which received 22 bids and went for $123.50!

The good news is that I was emptying my storage over the weekend and now I’m going to get rid of another couple hundred items which I no longer use because, you know, how much clothing can one person have? 🙂 So here’s the deal, folks: the eBay sale is going to go on! “

There’s  still  time to grab some good stuff –

while supplies  last!

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