I AM NOT ONE TO GOSSIP, BUT…..it’s  Friday and 

Justin Timberlake embraces his inner 70’s porn star for the upcoming Mike Meyers movie The Love Guru, slated for release this summer.- The storyline revolves around an American (Myers) raised by gurus on an Ashram in India. Returning to the U.S. to make a fortune in the self-help biz, his unorthodox methods are put to the test when he provides marriage counseling to a hockey star. The wife of the hockey star retaliates by starting to date a rival player (Timberlake).

OPRAH – THE STORE. A lot of retail brick and mortar shops these days have closed and switched to online marketing. Oprah is doing it backwards.  Her online store has been so successful she is now opening a retail store in Chicago, near her studio, where fans can purchase many things like baby products, home accessories, workout gear and South African crafts.

TORI SPELLING‘s  tell-all book comes out in a few days! The former star of Beverly Hills: 90210 dishes on her very public life. – “I spent so many years in the media having people tell stories about my life, so I figured I might as well tell the true stories about my life this time. Nobody’s read it! Not even Dean!”


The Britney Law?  The L.A. City Council is considering an ordinance that would impose a 20-yard “personal safety bubble” around those public figures in the city who are construed by the law to be “paparazzi targets.” 

Many celebrities are fed up with aggressive photographers, whose hyper-zealous conduct has escalated due to the huge amounts of cash at stake for select snapshots and video clips.  Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief William Bratton, who insists the troubled star should just “stay home!”

Several weeks ago, VOTE FOR THE WORST exposed American Idol hottie David Hernandez as a stripper and bartender at a gay bar called  BURN  in  Arizona. Idol does not seem concerned however. – “We’ve had strippers on the show before,” Idol executive producer Ken Warwick told TV Guide’s website. “We’re never judgmental about people who do things like that. If it were some sort of heavy porn, then maybe we’d have to take action.  But certainly not on this.”

In other Idol scandals rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer had spent time in the slammer for a DUI and it is rumoured that Robbie Carrico wears a weave!  What next? Don’t tell me cuties David Archuleta  and Danny Noriega are  gay lovers!

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