Gay Hotels With Attitude


Does your hotel have attitude? An international gay hotel brand has recently launched worldwide.

Attitude Hotels launched with the goal of providing travelers with a way a telling if a hotel is up to snuff. 

Founder Pedro Castro, a Portuguese-born lawyer and travel marketer based in Zurich says the company would not own the hotels but license its name if the facility met its requirements. Attitude would inspect the hotels and do annual follow-ups to assure the standards are being met. And all the hotels can be booked through the  main site Attitude Hotels.

So far, only two US hotels have been listed with the company; The Royal Palms and the Flamingo Inn, both in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Other hotels have been listed in Prague, London, Nice, Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam and Barcelona. – “In the short term, Attitude Hotels hopes to increase its selection of hotels, first in France, Italy, Greece and Spain,” said Castro. “Thereafter, we will concentrate on providing a wider variety of travel possibilities in North America.”
    Attitude Hotels properties range from small independent properties, including B&Bs and guesthouses, to 5-star quality leisure and corporate hotels. All hotels operating under the Attitude Hotels brand guarantee a warm welcome and high level of service which has been tailored to the needs of gays and lesbians. Their site allows travelers to book and choose their hotel stays out of 3 categories: Attitude Premium, Attitude Comfort and Attitude Value.