Gay Hawaii

Golfing. Beaches. Shopping. Clubs. Snorkeling. Surfing. Whale Watching. Swimming With Dolphins. Luxury Hotels. Hiking. Sunset Cocktails. Boat Crusies. Waterfalls.

Get Married! or just plain relaxing, Hawaii has it all!

Tropical Paradise. The Hawaiian Islands, located in the central Pacific Ocean, are the most remote chain of islands in the world. Honolulu is 2,398 miles southwest of San Francisco (the closest continental point), 3,818 miles southeast of Tokyo, and 5,067 miles north of Sydney. Oahu, the third largest island in the chain, contains about 75% of the state’s population and is considered the main island. Honolulu (the state capital and major city), and its beach resort area at Waikiki, are on Oahu.

Hawaii Welcomes All to Paradise

“Perhaps because Hawaii is one of the world’s great melting pots, where people of many races and beliefs live in relative harmony with each other and nature, Hawaii is amazingly open and welcome to gay and lesbian visitors.” says writer John Fischer.  

“Despite the defeat of efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in Hawaii, the government of Hawaii is anything but anti-gay. The Reciprocal Beneficiaries Law (Act 383) of 1997 allows any two single adults — including same-sex partners, blood relatives or just friends — to have access to less than 60 spousal rights on the state level. So, lots of couples  “get married” here –  it is such a perfect setting!

The hub of gay and lesbian activity in Hawaii continues to be Waikiki on the island of Oahu. For many years the gay center of Waikiki was along a stretch of Kuhio Avenue between Kalaimoko Street and Lewers Street. Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand was located here for many years before moving to its new location at 134 Kapahulu Avenue in the second story of the Waikiki Grand Hotel.”


Don’t come to Hawaii expecting Key West or some other big gay mecca. “Hawaii’s gay community is interesting because it doesn’t run like the anonymous gay Mainland cities.  I learned that in Hawaii emphasis is placed on the ‘ohana, or family, aspects of the gay community. The queer communities are very grassroots. Especially on the outer islands, I found potlucks and beach gatherings and eco activities to be the norm. Hawaii’s gay scene is more about camaraderie versus numbers.”

The two beaches on Oahu which are most often considered gay/lesbian beaches are located nearby, the Queen’s Surf Beach on the eastern end of Waikiki near the recently renovated Natatorium War Memorial – the area from the park to the Waiikiki Aqaurium, is usually very gay. And there is a nice snackbar and restrooms right nearby.

Also, Diamond Head Beach at the foot of Oahu’s most famous landmark. Secluded and countrylike. Very gay usually near the lighthouse area. No facilities here and bring snacks if you are spending the day.

However, Mokuleia Beach Is the only beach to attract gay sunbathers on Gay Oahu’s Leeward coast.  The remote “Mecca” comprises approximately six miles of narrows white sand beach only about
approximately 150 feet wide between Kaiaka Bay and Camp Erdman. The Gay area is near Mokuleia Beach Park  located midway along the beach. Park facilities include restrooms, showers, camping sites, and parking.  Follow the path into the brush area to find the boys.

Lanikai Beach: Remote and awe-inspiring, this beauty is off the tourist radar screen on the windward side of Oahu has a mile of perfect sand and water that’s crystal clear.  If you are there of the sun think about arriving in the morning, as the shadow of the Koolau Mountains blocks the sun’s in the afternoon.  This beach caters to both Gay Hawaii and straight sun bathers.  
Kailua Beach: One of the best beaches on Oahu this paradise is popular with the local elite but rarely a stop for visitors that stick to Waikiki for the most part.  Large grass and picnic area and changing facilities are available.  After the beach stop in to Buzzes Steak House (right across the road) and sit at the table that President Clinton did.  This is the beach to be seen at!

Each of the Hawaiian Islands has many things to offer gay and lesbian visitors. Maui has the second largest gay and lesbian community particularly in the Kihei area. Maui also has a popular nude beach, although public nudity is officially outlawed in Hawaii. On Maui you will find numerous gay and lesbian friendly bed and breakfasts as well as many services offering commitment ceremonies.  Gay Maui is a magical island that has been named ‘Best Island in the World’ time and time again. Crystal waters, golden beaches, beautiful scenery, tropical breezes, swaying palms, award-winning cuisine and world class resorts just to name a few.

So much to see and do and explore in Hawaii! The best vacations are full of unexpected surprises. For more information see HAWAIIg Adventures and Only in Paradise – Hawaii’s only gay owned and operated travel and activity agency. Check them out if you are making Hawaii plans! “Being a local owned and operated gay company we know the best places to make your vacation all that it can be.”

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