Just a Dash of Celebrity Dish


Have you seen the new Ryan Phillipe / Channing Tatum flick STOP-LOSS?  What a wet dream waiting to happen. Poor Ryan, he has been plagued for years with gay rumors. Did you catch  him on Jay Leno last week? What’s wrong with Jay? Is he smoking Whitney’s crack pipe?   Leno put  Phillipe on the hotseat and asked him to give his “Gayest Look.”

“Say that camera is your gay lover…Can you give me your gayest look? Say that camera is Billy Bob [Thornton] – Billy Bob has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming.” – Can you smell a lawsuit here? Ryan replied, “That is so something I don’t want to do. Are you just going to embarrass me tonight?”

Harry Potters Daniel Radcliffe admits to feeling a little queer…sometimes.  Danny admitted that he felt a little queer after downing some drinks and becoming a little tipsy last week. Before we get our panties in a knot, remember, the British definition of “queer” is “strange.”

“Yep, I admit I felt a little queer” Daniel laughed out. “I am not proud of it but it was one of those things. I just drank too much. I feel fine now though.” Come now Daniel… you know what happens to drunk straight boys around other curious men…

Radcliffe had a nasty hangover the following morning after throwing up and noted “I went all queer” and that he felt like staying in bed.

Daniel’s current screen mate, Rupert Grint accompanied the boy wizard that evening but, mentions no recollection of the night. “Danny may have brushed past me once or twice, I am sure it was unintentional.”

Sooner or later it had to happen; Perez Hilton is being sued. The celeb blogger has just been bitch slapped  by Sony BMG with a lawsuit  and he’s definitely not going to go down without a fight.

The music giant claims his  streaming of several unreleased and unauthorized Britney Spears songs on his website was not kosher. Perez writes on his website “When these songs first leaked, there was a lot of doubt as to whether they were Britney or a fake. Plus, we never made any music downloadable.”

The celebrity blogger adds “Every time we saw a take-down notice from the R.I.A.A., we complied immediately. By the way, no one at Sony BMG ever contacted us about Britney.”

Perez swears to not support any future Sony BMG artist on his website. Isn’t  everyone on Sony?

Mariah Carey beats Elvis Presley’s 17 #1 hits. Her 18th #1 hit the charts this week. “Touch My Body“. The new CD will be out April 15th, she will be on Oprah on the 14th and American Idol on the 9th and 16th!  PR,  PR,  PR!

According to various U.K. tabloids, singer Joss Stone is going to play a lesbian in her first movie role.She has allegedly signed on to play a lesbian bingo-caller in the indie British film Snappers, which stars Chloe Howman as an actress who flees to a local caravan park to get away from the paparazzi while filming on location in Torbay, Devon. –  Now I don’t want to be sued here…but I kind of thought she was a lesbian! oops.

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