Rainbow Rampage – The Ultimate Gay Road Rally Party in Europe and United States

The world’s first gay centric motorsports event is set to launch two events this summer that will highlight the daily destinations rather than the speed of individual participants. The Rainbow Rampage is a fabulous expression of spirit. Welcoming participants of every color and stripe to represent the full spectrum of gay identities, personalities and style for the “Ultimate Gay Party.”

The first rally begins in Brighton, England with parties and a grand official send off before crossing the channel and heading to the first stage destination: Paris. Following a course designed to highlight spectacular non-highway roads, participating in fun challenges that urge participants to take in their surroundings while enjoying a non-stop gay festival of Europe’s greatest cities; Paris, Amsterdam,Hamburg, Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

The Rainbow Rampage is essentially a large group road trip that precedes the gay pride parade in Budapest, where the tour ends. Participants are given free entry to participate in the parade as a grand finale that also includes luxury accommodations at one of Budapest’s famous spa hotels.


June 28th – July 4th, 2008          Sept. 27th – Oct. 3rd, 2008
7 days – 2300  miles                     7 days – 2200  miles

The US Rainbow Rampage will follow a route through Seattle, Crater Lake, South Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Lead Organizer, Guy Zucker, hopes that there will be a growing
“awareness that this event is taking place,” and that organizers are
looking for “local support … especially reaching [out] to the gay
community at each stage along the way.” It may be the first event of
its kind but with GLBT travelers accounting for ever increasing
participation in major cities and luxury vacations known to be gay
friendly destinations, it was only a matter of putting it together.


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