Get Busy Get Equal with ACLU

With all the talk this year about legalizing gay marriage, a lot of people are being inspired to take action and help create change in the own state and communities.

Get Busy, Get Equal is an online toolkit designed to help turn dreams of equality into reality, It’s got a dynamic design and new content, including videos. The site now features a blog discussing LGBT rights and breaking news, as well as opportunities to connect to activists through the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.

There is also in-depth information on how to protect LGBT relationships, pass civil rights laws and non-discrimination policies, and make schools safe for LGBT students.  This collection of how-to guides, helpful hints, step-by-step instructions and other resources can be used right now to protect LGBT people and our rights.

Get Busy, Get Equal provides the tools local activists need to reach out to their neighbors, schools, employers and elected officials and help them understand that fairness for LGBT people is the right thing for America. I hope that you’ll take a little time to look at the resources Get Busy, Get Equal offers and use or share any information that might be helpful to your own work.

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