3 Islanders sue Lesbos!


ATHENS, Greece – Three islanders from Lesbos told a court Tuesday that gay women insult their home‘s identity by calling themselves lesbians.

Also known as Mytilini, Lesbos was the home of the ancient poet Sappho, who praised love among women. It is a major travel destination for gay women.

A spokeswoman for the group accused the plaintiffs of homophobia.

“What will they do next, sue the United Nations? They, too, use the term lesbian,” Vlami said.

Lawyers from both sides are to submit written arguments on Wednesday, and the court is expected to issue its decision in the next six months.

Are they serious?!

According to PINK NEWS-

“This would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t so pathetic – and so scary.

“Since it’s a universally legally recognised term, their case will likely be thrown out, but with the New Democracy regime, one never knows how much pandering will go on.”

A survey published on December 2006 showed that 16% of Greeks surveyed support same-sex marriage and 11% recognise same-sex couple’s right to adopt.

These figures are considerably below the 27-member European Union average of 44% and 33% respectively and place Greece in the lowest ranks of the European Union along with Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.

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