Valeriya…The Russian Madonna?


She’s had 17 number one hits in her homeland, sold 100 million records but the so-called ‘Russian Madonna’ has remained unknown in the UK and the US  – until now.  Enter Valeriya.

Andy McSmith from the Independent UK  says, “She is A slim, blonde singer with a vulnerable look and an involved history may be about to burst upon us, as Russia’s biggest cultural export since Shostakovich. Or she may just be another artist trying to break into the Western music market and not making it, the victim of a cultural prejudice that says that countries where they don’t speak English can’t do rock’n’roll.”

Adam Lake from PinkNews, UK  interviewed her a few weeks  ago…

Valeriya desperately needs to get herself a fan base. With comparisons to the likes of Madonna and Kylie, does she envisage become a gay icon?

By the look on her face she doesn’t seem too keen on the idea:

“I am original, I have a different style and a different voice.”

“I don’t like the term gay icon, I just want to be an icon!

“I wouldn’t mind if they like me, why not. I think that the gay people are very creative, they feel everything very well and have good taste.”

She recently worked  with  Bee Gee’s Robin Gibb on a remake  of  “Stayin  Alive.”

Next stop?  The  US? 

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