Eric and Todd Dammann – Hottie Twin Gay Guys in Seattle with Voices, Guitars and a Webcam!


Ah,  Seattle!

The 5 best things about Seattle:

1)  Seattle is gorgeous.

2) The proximity to a lot of outdoor activities.

3) The people in general are more polite than the rest of the country.

4) The culture is great. Great restaurants, and great arts.

5) The Dammann Twins – Eric and Todd.
They sing, play guitar, and are both gay!

YouTube is an amazing tool that wasn’t around when I was a kid! Now anyone with a webcam and some talent  have amazing opportunities and in fact, can be discovered through the Internet.

The guys covered Brittney’s GIMME MORE and it has been viewed by nearly  half a million people!

At 21, these two Seattle boys are finishing college, packing their bags and heading to sunny California!

I caught up with the guys this week, in between finals!

“Moving to California is definitely next on our priority list. After we finish up some college work here in Seattle, we will be doing all we can to set up home base somewhere near Los Angeles. With all of the opportunities for performing and promotion down there, it is something we are looking forward to.

We want our fans to know that we are working hard to write and record some great music that is going to be very symbolic of who we are as artists. So many people have reached out to us and given us words of support and encouragement. We appreciate it all so much and everyday are more and more surprised and flattered by the messages and letters our listeners are sending. It is our ultimate hope to someday tour and see all these fans in person!

We don’t have a record deal yet. This project is more of a demo than a full fledged album. The record we are working on is about 75% complete. We still have to finish writing and recording a few songs to make sure we have material that is not only work we’re proud of, but a collection that is as diverse and well rounded. After that, we will spend some time mastering the tracks and making sure all of the kinks are worked out.

It’s our first time really doing something like this by ourselves. Everything from the song writing, recording, and mixing, to the vocals and instrumentals are being done by us alone. It’s a big task to undertake but this is something we’ve always wanted to do. Music is our life, and we couldn’t imagine living without it!”

The duo was recently interviewed by Out magazine / PopNography ,

What inspired you to start putting videos up on YouTube?
Eric: YouTube really has become one of the cultural artifacts of this technology dominated/cyber space century. We love to sing and perform, so we figured, why not put it up on a site that would allow all our family and friends see what we’re up to? I love the idea of being able to have a digital platform where you can share your creative abilities with anyone who cares to watch.

Do you think part of the appeal is that a lot of people have twin fantasies?
Todd: I honestly laugh at the whole twin fantasy idea. I guess as a twin, it’s hard for me to look past my own relationship with Eric when I think about it. But I guess if that makes people listen, then I’m cool with it! If they come into it with that fantasy, I hope they’ll discover the talent underneath the fantasy!

The guys were asked recently if they have  tried out for American Idol before?

“We tried out for the last season of American Idol. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Out of the 10,000 contestants trying out in Seattle, we made it to the top 100. We were obviously thrilled, but after continuing on, it became increasingly obvious that this was hardly a singing competition. Just like all “reality” shows, there’s very little real anything on the show.”

Don’t worry guys –

you are well on your way!

Stop by their MySpace page  and listen to their music!

Eric has his own page and so does Todd as well.