GLAMPING and the Clayoquot Wildness Resort

GLAMPING? What is it?? I just found out!

While doing some research I came across Clayoquot Wilderness Resort and their blog. They are located in the fragile Clayoquot Sound Biosphere reserve near the seaside village of Tofino, British Columbia.

In the decade since opening, the resort has grown its ‘soft adventure and soft beds’ program into one of the most exclusive and unique vacation offerings in the world.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort promises discriminating travellers an ultra-luxurious eco-destination, four-star accommodations, otherworldly coastal cuisine, super natural adventure, and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful wilderness frontier left on the planet.

Glamping- It’s on everyone’s lips. So why not provide a definition, especially from us, the original glamping destination outside of Africa. We’ve been glamping for over eight years, so as a glamping authority here is our definition.

Glamping is:
•    Stepping into the middle of a rainforest after a fresh rain
•    Feeding eagles from the side of your kayak
•    Horseback riding in the morning and deep sea fishing in the afternoon
•    Enough fresh air to make you dizzy
•    Able to push your comfort levels
•    Dodging black bears
•    Five star Adirondack amenities
•    A hot stone massage on the side of a rushing river
•    Able to remind you of times gone by
•    A place where your family can join you
•    Unlimited choice- when you want to dine, when you want to play, when you want to relax
•    Socializing

Glamping is not:
•    Your typical 5 star experience
•    A chocolate on your pillow
•    Just a place to put your head at night
•    A minibar
•    Dodging traffic
•    A suit and tie for dinner
•    Where you play video games
•    Dinner and a movie
•    Stuffiness
•    Solitary

I hope this helps in explaining what ‘true’ glamping is, from the mouths of those that started the trend.

Visit their site and blog and discover Clayoquot Wildness!

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