The Gay Translator Book – Love and Hookups in 7 Languages

Who doesn’t know how much gay guys love to jet off to foreign lands and, er, make foreign friends?

And while there are plenty of destination guides out there, online and off, how about something to help you break the ice, meet people, and have a relationship (or just a fling) with dudes who don’t speak your language well or at all?
Along with  Spartacus International Gay Guide 2008  or   Damron Mens Travel Guide (Damron Men’s Travel Guide) you’ll definitely want to pack a book or two from BabelCom’s cool “GayBabel” series: the seven-language Gay Translator and the bilingual Gay Spanish for Love + Hookups, Gay Italian, Gay French, and Gay German.

The Gay Translator: Love + Hookups in 7 Languages: 2nd Edition

These handy, pocket-size jobs (4¼” x 6″) sure ain’t your daddy’s fusty old phrasebooks. They start out with basics like “what’s your name,” “what’s your sign” and “is this your boyfriend?” From there things move on quickly to the bedroom (or bathhouse), covering lots of ground along the way: dating, falling in love, breaking up, making up, goodbyes, and even shopping for condoms, porn, and dildos (oh, and massages). They’re guaranteed to charm the pants off your foreign friends!

And there’s an extensive dictionary section with terms and expressions not covered in the phrases, from “fag hag” to “sixpack” to “wet dream.” Best of all, they’re the only gay phrasebooks on the market that aren’t jokey, but darn serious about real, steamy M2M sex – sure, there’s a touch of humor here and there, but we keep the “fabulous, mary!” flouncery to a minimum. It’s all about gettin’ some, in at least 76 destinations across the planet, as we cover Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Czech. 

Particularly cool features of BabelCom’s gay phrasebooks:

● The guy(s) you’re with can use these books too, thanks to our multilingual tables of contents and page headers, plus easy pronunciation guides and “zebra-stripe” format.

● We throw in unique online dating/hookup translators with the most common expressions, abbreviations, and lingo in both English and the target language. Hey, how else would you figure out something like “wapo buska pas kaxas” (hottie ISO muscle bottom, in Spain)? 

Last but not least, the final page in these books is also devoted to a “Cockulator” to help you convey your “assets” in metric (another mighty helpful thing to know online, no?).

BabelCom’s gay phrasebooks make super-fun gifts and, for the upcoming summer travel season, sizzling buys for anyone hot to globetrot – or just to get friendlier with foreign talent visiting or living in your own home town!
The Gay Translator: Love + Hookups in 7 Languages: 2nd Edition

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