Is Dubai the New Miami? Ask Armani, Versace and Cavalli

We told you about  PALAZZO VERSACE opening in Dubai  a couple months ago. Chilled  pools are one thing. Did you know  the  waterfront palace will  boast the world’s first chilled beach – by pumping cold air through pipes under the sand?!   How fabulous is that?!

ARMANI also opened hotels in Marrakesh, Milan and Dubai.

And now comes  Roberto Cavalli. I guess he figures he bottles Vodka, why not have a nightclub?

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli becomes the latest designer to take his talent to a hotel project in Dubai. The Fairmont Dubai will be the site of Roberto Cavalli’s first Cavalli Club a new ‘entertainment and night-life’ concept. In Dubai, Cavalli is planning a two-story club with a separate entrance from the Fairmont Dubai. The floors will be done in shiny black quartz with reflective crystal dust and tall walls of Swarovski crystals create sparkling curtains. Want to shop late at night? The ground floor will showcase jewelry, watches and exclusive accessories from the Cavalli Maison. There will also be selection of refined food products chosen by Roberto Cavalli to express the best of ‘Made in Italy.”

Upstairs, an Italian restaurant is at center of the hall, while on either side of the Italian restaurant, there are are two large atolls in gold-colored glass and fur, suspended from the floor, which host a sushi bar and a wine bar featuring Cavalli Selection red wine. The upper floor also features a lounge bar with music and a suspended platform that will host the DJ and the dancers, as well as other entertainment and shows. The Cavalli Club Dubai will open in November 2008, with Cavalli set to take his party to Florence and Milan later.

Speaking of Italy, if anyone happens to be going there this month, MOI would love a set of those fabulous little  Cavalli Coke Bottles! 

Roberto Cavalli  teamed up with the Coca-Cola to re-design the classic Diet Coke bottle.

The new bottles will be distributed in a limited edition of 300,000 units from now  till December, but only in Italy .