Why is Steve Guttenberg Naked in New Yorks Central Park?

People do the strangest things…..

Here is a video  of Police Academy Star Steve Guttenberg  running in  New York Citys  Central Park . Sounds pretty boring, right? Usually, we would agree, but he runs in the park PANTLESS, nearly every day!

 Steve Guttenberg does not have any pants on. There is no frontal exposure, due to laws around You Tube, however was on The Howard Stern Show in August and bragged that he was especially well endowed and that it was a great source of confidence.

When questioned about being pantless in the park, he really offers no explanation. He just says he is getting ready for a new thriller movie project!

Since he does this nearly every day, why hasn’t he been ticketed???

Watch Steve Guttenberg run half naked now!

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