Lesbian and Gay Band to March in Washington DC this Week

As the nation’s attention turns to this week’s Inaugural festivities, in Washington DC,  Gays and Lesbians can be proud of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association’s historic participation in the Inaugural Parade. The band will be the first LGBT organization ever to march in an Inaugural Parade.

Participants, however, are responsible for paying for their own lodging, transportation, and other expenses. And it’s not cheap.
A gift of just a few dollars will help cover the many expenses of participating in an event of this magnitude.

I know I’ll be excited when the announcer tells the television viewing audience that the next contingent is the Lesbian and Gay Bands of America. The parade will be seen by hundreds of millions around the world. And it’s that sense of pride. Recognition. That we are getting one step closer to equal rights.

MAKE A DONATION TODAY  and support the Lesbian and Gay band!

Bye Bye Georgie! Hello Barack!!

UPDATE – Watch the Video from the Inauguration Parade!