Pridebook – LGBT International Social Networking Site

Because of all the work we do online, we LIVE on the Internet! And last week we came across PRIDEBOOK. An online international LGBT Social Networking site. It  is a very neat site with over a thousand members currently, and growing each day.

Once you join PrideBook, which is totally free, inside you will find all kinds of other groups you can join and network with. Groups like  Pet Owners,  Gay Trekkies, Travel Interests etc.  – sort it like a gay version of MySpace or Facebook.

In this Web 2.0 world, with the creation of things like MySpace and FaceBook, more and more people are setting up groups and networks targeted to gays. WE even set up a GAY TRAVEL group on Facebook. And we mentioned a couple weeks ago, FABUGO GAY TRAVEL  is getting ready to launch their gay travel Social Networking site.

Started by Rob in Canada, he told me they have members and traffic from over 80 different countries! “I thought the GLBT Community could use its own little niche social networking site.”  he says. 

It’s a great place to network, post photos, make friends and have fun!

Check it out!

PrideBook!               New Gay Travel Guide group on FaceBook