Gay Travel in Bangkok and Thailand – gCiruit Party in April with SK3


Bangkok, like the rest of Thailand is, on the whole, a very gay friendly city. It also has some great night-life and fantastic restaurants to keep even the most discerning of visitors happy.

There are various hotels, guesthouses, bars and clubs that cater, if not exclusively, then very often, to gay and lesbian clientele from all over the world. The Thai are very tolerant and welcoming of gay people and offer a very relaxed and comfortable environment for the gay community and its visitors.

Gay and lesbian Bangkok can be fun, naughty, refined or private, depending on what you prefer. There are discreet gay massage places in Bangkok, or pockets of lively bars and go go venues. Others prefer the tasteful restaurants and spas that are welcoming of a gay atmosphere in Bangkok. Wherever you go, the Thais and foreigners alike are unlikely to make you feel uncomfortable.


Thailand has a larger than usual gay community, for they are readily accepted without fuss. The feminine side of society is celebrated and many Thai boys find it much easier to ‘come out’ in this country, especially in Bangkok.

Then there is the famous ladyboys who add a fun character to the gay community. Most lady boys are ‘she males’ (most can’t afford the full operation) who are equally at home with women and men. They often find themselves partners in both gay and straight men and are always ready for a party. They can be quite assertive but always take good care of themselves.

The main website for  Bangkok LGBT resources is
1 Stop Bangkok.

There are several PRIDE FESTIVALS in Thailand. But in April, the third installment of gCircuit’s now famous Song Kran event is here again!

Spending the Thai New Year in Bangkok with gCircuit has become a tradition with not only the local gay populace but with the rest of gay Asia as well. Song Kran 3 will feature 3 parties, namely Spin (on the 10th April 09), Steam (on the 11th April 09) and Splash (on the 12th April 09). Super DJs Joe Gauthreaux and Tye will return to headline the opening and closing parties respectively while the main event will feature the debut of renowned top DJ Roland Belmares, who will be playing in Asia for the first time.

With 3 unique parties and 3 stellar DJs, there is no better way to spend the Song Kran holidays than with gCircuit once again.