Gay Vacations, Gay Retreats and Gay Spiritual Travel

We first became aware of SPIRIT JOURNEYS last year. And we ran a story about their gay spiritual vacations and retreats.

For nearly 20 years, they have been planning and offering opportunities for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities (and our friends) to travel together,  exploring the world or to gather together in retreat environments, with the intention of adventuring into the frontiers of self-awareness, personal growth, and spirituality.  Since the beginning of this new millennium, there was a shift in EVERYONE’S mindset for personal growth.  So now more than ever, these types of  gay vacations and retreats are becoming more popular.

They have some very exciting retreats and destinations they will be exploring in summer 2009, and I wanted to share some of them with you.  They are  a great way to “get away” on an exciting pilgrimage with other like minded gay people, and explore lands and traditions, while also making new friends and growing personally, and spiritually.

Tantric Tribes

Asheville, North Carolina
June 11, 2009 to June 14, 2009
This Workshop is for Gay and Bi Men
A Tantra and Yoga Workshop 
Four days of rejuvenation and reawakening. The fusion of the powerful and complementary practices of Tantra and Yoga allows you to harness your sexual drive and awaken your Kundalini energy. Once harnessed, this energy is channeled into a dynamic and healing force in your life. The practice of Tantra alone is a very energizing experience, but blending the benefits and principles of yoga with tantra sexual practices transforms all aspects of your life.

In this workshop, you learn the basics of yoga and breathing practices.  Using a step by step, practical approach, you integrate the essential elements of Tantric sexual techniques. Channeling your erotic energy helps unlock your creativity, transforming your sexual experiences and significantly altering all other aspects of your life. There will plenty of “down time” just to relax and connect with the others in the group. More info  at  Tantric Tribes.

Going Deep
Grand Canyon Rafting
July 01, 2009 to July 10, 2009
This Journey is for Gay and Bi Men

 An amazing adventure rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Imagine spending eight days rafting 280 miles of the Colorado River with mile high canyon walls on either side. Days filled with excitement, awe and play and nights of almost luxurious camping. Now, imagine all of this with a group of gay men, who want to experience the river and the canyon as only a Spirit Journeys can offer.

Adventure, play, meditation, campfire talks and group movement rituals are used to help open our hearts and deepen our experience of this incredible place. The more we open to what the Canyon and River offer, the more alive we become; we reawaken to our true nature of laughter, playfulness and a quest for adventure; we leave behind the cares of daily life. It is the intention to actively engage the Canyon and the River so that you come to know them on a more intimate level. The raft stops several times each day to hike, to explore side canyons, to swim in favorite swimming holes or to stand in the power of waterfalls. 
More info at Going Deep.

17th Annual Summer Retreat
Jemez Springs, New Mexico
August 10, 2009 to August 16, 2009
This Retreat is for Gay and Bi Men 
Spirit Journeys  will be introducing  new aspects to their Annual Summer Retreat this year.  “One new aspect we are introducing is that we will be exploring more deeply what it means to be a gay man in today’s world, uncovering the gifts of being gay and how to offer those gifts to the world. We will still incorporate all the things that the Summer Retreat is known for: Heart Circles, Sweat Lodge, Trance Dance, Erotic Touch, etc. But this year we want the Summer Retreat to be a true celebration of the gift of being gay.”

The mountains of Northern New Mexico provides  a relaxing, rejuvenating and life affirming retreat.  The Summer Retreat is a chance to really “get away from it all”; to really recover from the stresses of daily life; to make new connections with other men. There is extraordinary power to be found in a community of gay men gathered together for eight days in such an intimate setting. With the loving encouragement of brothers, we are able to see ourselves more clearly and empower each other in realizing our life’s potential, taking small steps and sometimes leaps, toward living life to the fullest.

The shifting light on the red rock walls of Jemez Canyon, the sounds of the Jemez River, the natural hot springs, the new friends you will meet and the endless stars overhead, all welcome you. Here you can “unwind” to the core and go home truly renewed.

The Summer Retreat is much more than a summer vacation, focusing on activities that encourage relaxation, recovery and inner reflection. The days can consist of insightful group sessions, yoga, meditation or shamanic ceremony, and of course lots of laughter and play. There is also plenty of free time just to “chill out”. You may discover deep levels of intimate connection with other participants and lifelong friendships can be born. Greater self-acceptance and clarity of future direction often spring from this sacred time together. More info at Annual Summer Retreat.

Cherished Lands
An American Southwest Pilgrimage…
Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon,
The Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelley & More
August 16, 2009 to August 23, 2009

This Journey is for Everyone

Explore the great American Southwest! This adventure takes you to some of the most spectacular lands in America…Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, The Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelley.

Days will be filled with outdoor activities, adventure and relaxation. As with all Spirit Journeys’ adventures, we will combine the joys and benefits of being on a vacation with a spiritually stimulating agenda that can provide opportunities for us to “look inside” and learn about ourselves. Conscious travel in this manner allows ample personal time for play, reflection, relaxing and appreciating the beauty surrounding us.


We will make offerings to the land, sing Navajo songs and tell stories around the campfire. We will leave behind the stresses of life by rediscovering our harmonious connection with creation. In this harmony, we will find the openness to allow events and teachings to unfold; it is here that true recovery and rest can occur.

You will be able to  visit the ancient sacred sites used by the Dine’ (the name the Navajo people call themselves). Like the Dine’ of long ago, and like the many who still respect the traditions today, you should bring with you on your journey a thirst for adventure, a respect for nature, a desire to widen your inner and outer horizons and a sense of playfulness. The oral traditions of the Dine’ are filled with stories of brave deeds, fierce battles with enemies, the delight and surprise of new relations, and the insistent call of nature. As you undertake your own journey, you will have ample opportunity to add meaningful personal stories to the sacred narrative of your own life. More info at  Cherished Lands.

Authentic Eros
Jemez Springs, New Mexico
August 18, 2009 to August 22, 2009
This Journey is for Gay and Bi Men

Come and play in a group of erotic explorers and open up the amazing potential that lives within your erotic self. Identify and cultivate the spark that stirs inside you, trusting it to lead you to your erotic fire.


Interrupt the patterns of habit, judgment, or comparison that block your sexual freedom. Practice surrender and spontaneity. Be real. Have fun. Step fearlessly into the ecstasy that lives inside your body and soul. Can you imagine that?

At Authentic Eros, you will use breath, touch, movement, sound and sensual experience as doorways to a freer and more fulfilling sexuality. “We will work with the desires and growth of each man, emphasizing individual freedom of choice and accountability. Authentic Eros offers a safe and supportive environment for each participant to explore his own erotic development in the company of others with a similar commitment.”

Much of this exploration will be clothes off and interactive. You will work with ourselves, with partners, and with the group as a whole. No prior experience is required. However, each participant will be asked to bring a sincere willingness to go deep, to be truthful, and to play in the energies of creativity, arousal, and embodiment.

     AUTHENTIC = real, spontaneous, organic, fun
                 EROS = sex, love, intimacy, connection

The goal of this workshop is to help you get INTO your body and get OUT of your habits
that lead to sexual boredom and dissatisfaction. More details at Authentic Eros.

Those are just some of the trips that sound good to us!  Visit their website for much more. On many of the vacations, if you register early there is some savings involved. And some of them fill up fast. So check your schedule early, if you can.

A Spirit Journey has all the benefits of gay travel adventures or gay vacations, only enhanced beyond imagination!