Montreal Offers Gay Tour Guides – Plus, BBCM Hot & Dry Party May 14th

DANIEL BAYLIS is a Montreal writer – and also a tour guide. On his blog, he keeps you up date with everything happening in this great city!  Like the upcoming HOT & DRY  Circuit party.

Love it or leave it, “the circuit” has become a mainstream global phenomenon, and Montréal is a much-loved destination on the tour.

May 14-18 brings the beloved annual Hot & Dry party. The event is hosted by the Bad Boys Club de Montréal (BBCM), a volunteer-based non-profit gay organization that gives financial support to groups providing direct care to people living with HIV/AIDS, and to gay & lesbian community groups. To date the BBCM has given out $1,250,000. Hot & Dry is the second-biggest event on the BBCM calendar after the infamous Black & Blue (October 7-13, 2009).

This year’s theme is “Fresh!”, which celebrates the arrival of summer. And after the winters that we get, nobody appreciates the changing of seasons more than a Montréaler.

This year’s talent includes DJ Maüs aka Louise Gauvreau (Montréal), the world renowned DJ/producer Chris Cox (Los Angeles), and DJ Scotty Thompson (New York).

Tickets for the main event are $35.

For details on Hot & Dry and the other events held throughout the weekend visit BBCM.

What better advice than from a local?!

Tourisme Montreal  just launched their new “Insider” program, with a Montréaler who will show visitors what’s hot and happening in the city’s gay life. Finding gay-specific information about a particular destination isn’t always easy, but Daniel Baylis, of course,  always has the inside scoop to gay Montreal.

Many cities offer similar types of programs for tourists – but this is the FIRST I have heard of, specifically geared towards LGBT travelers! 

Over the years, the city has seen the forging of a special spirit of openness and acceptance between the general public and the city’s gay community.

Montréal is one of the oldest cities in the New World, as well as one the most cosmopolitan. Visitors often describe it as having the best of North American modernity and friendliness as well as the architectural beauty and sophistication of Europe.

The largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, and Canada’s second-biggest metropolis, the vast majority of its citizens speak both English and French, and often other languages. Montréal’s 3.6 million inhabitants live around the base of a mountain forest in cozy neighbourhoods, rich with artists and famous for winding, outdoor staircases.

Daniel is one of five Montréal “Insiders” who show visitors what’s hot and happening throughout the city in the world of arts and culture, epicurean life, gay life, nightlife and girls’ getaways. Recruitment of the five “Insiders” began early in 2009 and the selection criterion was rigorous and focused on integrity. Each had to be a Montréaler and possess a thorough knowledge of the destination, specifically in their area of insider expertise. Social media savvy was also a must, balanced by an embracing of Web 2.0 values including: transparency, humility, honesty, authenticity, innovation, listening and credibility. They are top-notch communicators, real and representative of the city’s underlying multicultural fabric.

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