Gay Russia! – Not So Much

In the last few weeks  GAY RUSSIA
has been in the news. 

Nothing much changes under the Kremlin.

Just days away from Moscow’s hosting of Eurovision Song Contest (where contestants are being urged to speak out on GLBT issues), gay pride organizers Nikolay Bayev and Irina Fet were found guilty of “popularizing homosexuality among minors and the court ruled to fine them 1,500 rubles [about USD$50] each,” reports Interfax.

Last month they organized a public demonstration with posters reading “Homosexuality is normal” and “I am proud of my homosexuality”; a judge ordered the posters destroyed, issuing his decision from a court in Ryazan, identified as the only region in Russia where a law that bans discussing homosexuality with minors is enforced. And this is just the lead up to Moscow’s gay pride march on May 16, which will not proceed if Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has his way. Luzhkov has, year-after-year, refused to grant a marching license to organizers — except Moscow Pride already has “seven cases already pending before the European Court of Human Rights,” notes MosNews. “The latest was filed against President Dmitry Medvedev. 
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Authorities in Moscow have said they will deal “firmly” with any attempts to hold gay Pride events during the Eurovision song contest, which takes place in the city this month. According to News agency RIA Novosti, City Hall spokesman Leonid Krutakov said: “There have been no official applications for permission to hold gay parades during the May holidays and all attempts to hold such events will be firmly stopped by the authorities.”

However, according to a report from Canadian site, Parade organisers have applied for permission, but say they will hold this year’s march either way. “We are not going to surrender our right to freedom of assembly and expression,” said Nikolai Alekseev, head of
Moscow Pride.

Moscow  Mayor Yury Luzhkov told gays, “Entertain yourself, no problem, but not on the streets, squares, marches and demonstrations. We do not allow gay parades.” Homosexuality has been legal in Russia since 1993.


Next week…..
A lesbian couple will try to defy deep-rooted Russian homophobia next week in the first attempt at a gay marriage even though rights activists say it will be rejected outright.

Public relations worker Irina Fyet, 31, and her partner of the same age will apply for a marriage license at a register office on May 12 in Moscow!

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