Stevie Bee from Australia Unviels His Big Fat Anti Gay Collab Project on YouTube

STEVIE BEE BISHOP is 22, living in Australia and has been a member of YouTube for about 18 months now and posts some really neat things! Last month, he called on other gay (and gay friendly) You-Tubers, to help with an anti-gay project, set to the song F**K YOU   by   Lilly Allen.

He  says, “There’s a disgusting amount of hate on the internet (especially on youtube!) directed at minority groups (especially the LGBT community) so I was inspired to organize this collab video. I never set out to “change the world” i simply wanted to make something light hearted to put a smile on the face of any hate-victim watching. you’re not alone! stevie loves you 🙂

The song is  by  Lily Allen and I believe it was originally written about George Bush. However, this video is not against Bush. This is our interpretation of the meaning behind the lyrics and I think that our video gives a slightly different meaning to the lyrics and makes a different point than the original song had specifically intended. This video has nothing to do with George Bush!”


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