GAY SITGES – Spain – Wonderful Gay Beach and Vacation Spot

We stumbled
       onto SITGES

quite by accident. We were in Barcelona for a few days last month and met someone at the AXEL HOTEL lounge, who was visiting Barcelona  for the day, but staying in Sitges. They told us they were staying a week in the beautiful, romantic, old seaside beach town, just 20 minutes  away! Well, we had two days left. The next morning we packed our bags and hopped a train over to Sitges!

WOW! And I am glad we did! We are planning on going back soon to spend a week! For such a small town (village actually, only  about 5 miles square)  I have never seen a gayer  town! MUCH  gayer than  Key West. This is GAY PARADISE!

Unspoiled by the tourist boom of the 1960’s, Sitges has retained that “picture-postcard” look, with narrow cobbled streets, beautiful Spanish architecture and unspoilt scenic views; a world away from the plastic and the concrete of the more traditional Spanish resorts along the Costa Brava and Costa Del Sol. With a microclimate of its own Sitges has over 300 days of Sunshine with temperatures ranging from 26 C.  to 33 C.  degrees (70-90 F) during the Summer months. This is Spain as it was meant to be… but even better!

Not only is Sitges beautiful in every respect, from its quaint, narrow streets to its beautiful beaches but in terms of sheer convenience for the gay holiday maker, there’s nowhere else like it.

Everything from the gay bars to the gay discos to the gay restaurants to the gay beaches to the gay cruising area to gay shopping to your gay hotel are all within a 5-10 minute walk of each other. BIGGER isn’t always better!  It’s the perfect gay holiday in a neat little package!

Sitges has a long-standing gay appeal, and one of the most popular gay holiday spots in Europe, being renowned as a bohemian hang-out and artist’s colony since the early nineteen hundreds. Painters such as Picasso, Dali and Miro adored the town. It was also a favourite of writers, Tennessee Williams and Douglas Fairbanks. The artistic heritage lingers on in several fine galleries and art museums.  

Mid April  thru mid October  gets  VERY  BUSY!  Book  ahead! 
The resort’s population swells from 25,000 to 250,000 revellers during peak season  with most of the tourists either gay or curious!  –  Off season, Sitges takes on a more relaxed atmosphere has many festivals and events and is perfect for that second holiday or weekend getaway –  still lots to see and do and less crowded.

17 beaches  total! There is 1 gay beach, 2 nudist beaches, 450 Shops, dozens of outdoor cafes, amazing restaurants, 20 gay bars, 2 amazing nightclubs, 2 very busy Saunas and thousand of hot homo hombres to keep you busy.  The partying starts at 11pm and doesn’t finish until 6am at the earliest. – We’ll be covering great places to stay and wonderful shops and eating, more in depth  next week!

Diversity is the norm in Sitges rather than the exception and people from all walks of life are made welcome. If you’ve always wondered what the world would be like if we could all live side by side without sexual orientation being an issue, this is where to see how it’s done!

If you’ve never been to Sitges, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It has a very special culture. It may not be blatantly obvious at first, but once you take a step back, relax and watch what’s going on around you, you’ll realize what a very special place Sitges is.

Come and see what fun we’re all having, get to know the locals and their habits, and have a holiday like you’ve never had before!

Next week we’ll explore the city and it’s offerings more in depth.

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